Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three for three

A great  start to the week (although an early start, 3.a.m.) How often do you get to go down the freeway with this kind of traffic? I only worked thee days this week, but on three different shows.
A little hiccup on the way to pick up a bus at 911 film cars. A 15 minute train delay!

I was back on Once Upon a Time today. We took over an entire block downtown Vancouver, on Hastings between Thurlow and Burrard. (I can't imagine the logistics of that). Although the show is set in Maine, today's scenes were supposed to be New York City, as seen by the taxi-cabs.

This was my ride today, (although I did not get to drive it in the scene). (Notice they even changed the street signs from Thurlow to W 23rd st. )

A staged traffic jam

The next day I switched over to a new show which has not been aired yet, " iZombie"
Today I was driving the same bus, the graphics on the side of the bus were changed for this show.

Our "circus" holding was at this closed down lumber yard on Mitchell Island in Richmond.

All the action today was close to a couple of car scrap yards on Mitchell Island. (the balloon in the center of the picture is used for lighting on night  shots)

One of the scenes was in the Riverside Cafe on Mitchell Island. They had to black out the entire building to make it look like it was night time.

My job was to sit in this bus, and watch as all the acting was going on in the bus behind me!

It was a long scene, and as time wore on, I found the tail light on the bus in front of me quite mesmerizing!

Day three, I found myself back on the show Motive. Duties today included driving this shiny van to the Sutton Hotel to pick up one of the show's writers. 

The call sheet, all the info we need. Including scenes, locations, actors, background, and crew.

Also today, I had to return some wardrobe to one of the many prop houses in Vancouver. This one is Vancouver Prop and Costumes.

Construction on one of the sets for Motive at the Bridge studios in Burnaby.
Saturday took me down to Chinatown in Vancouver for a little lunch with my brother.

A lot of cool architecture down here. This building is on East Pender.

There's my brother Skip, next to this cool wall we found in an alley off of Pender.
Next week? As of right now, I am officially unemployed, but it's so busy, i'm sure it won't be for long.

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