Sunday, February 15, 2015

The calm before the storm........

Heading north on Boundary Road, the border between Vancouver and Burnaby, a familiar destination today for the start of a new show.
Building N at the Vancouver Film Studios, last time I was here was for a still unreleased movie, based on a video game, Dead Rising

One of my many duties in the film industry, is to head out to the Vancouver International Airport. Usually, it is the international arrivals, and usually, looking for the Los Angeles flights.

Checking the  arrivals screen is very important, gives you an idea of how long you may have to wait. Today I am waiting for two actresses, who will be in Vancouver for a web series, (a film genre that is growing more every day).
This is the sign I held up so they new who their ride was. (The girl's were quite delightful, this show should be a lot of fun)
The show is a re-make of a series that aired in the 1970's, and let's hope the new version costumes of these super heroes aren't quite as cheezy as the originals!
I can't imagine why that series did not last, lol.
As I brought our super heroines into the city to their hotel, once again, I wonder what the film industry has unleashed upon our unsuspecting city.

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