Sunday, February 8, 2015

Close to Home

It's always nice when my film work is close to my home. Today I was working on the show Motive. The Bridge studio where the motive stages are at is a short 10 minute drive from my house. Today, they were on the road in North Vancouver, close to Deep Cove.
It always amazes me that the locations department of the show finds houses like this one for one of the episodes.

Once again, the film industry takes over another neighbourhood! (We do get permission, though)
The crew has also taken over with their gear.
OMG!, another 911, I had to rush this ring to set, apparently the actor needed it for one quick shot.

Sitting back by the trailers of our "circus", waiting in my shuttle to take another customer to the set.

Circus was at Cates Park, in North Vancouver, looking over towards North Burnaby
Tuesday had me switching shows, I will spend the rest of the week on Once Upon a Time. Today, I am driving the pre-rig grip 5 ton. They pre-rig and de-rig the set for the shooting day. Including cable, electrical, lighting, it's endless ,they do an amazing job.
sooner or later, two of these transformers will be going back on the truck.

The ducks are oblivious to the film action. We were at Central Park in Burnaby for 4 days.

I have driven by Central Park many, many times, and  I never knew there was not only one, but two large ponds inside the park.

I turn my back for a minute, and all this gear shows up on my truck, what?, I actually have to work?

There was so much rain this week, but for a very brief period, we did get to see a little sun.

even Scooter came out to check it out.

The day was about collecting up all the gear in Central Park that was used for filming the day before.

Pond number 2, who'da thunk it?

back at the Bridge studio, one of the stage sets for Once Upon a Time

Through the rain at the studio, I spy Cruella Deville's car

Next day, it was back to Central Park

You know if you are sitting somewhere long enough, you start fixating on things, like this bank of lights at Swangard Stadium at Central Park
I will come back to Central Park on personal time, but I will probably wait till it stops raining!

My last job of the week was taking this old school beast of a truck (affectionately known as "little stinky")  back to the Bridge Studio .
The only constant in the film industry is the crows coming to roost close to the bridge studios every night, and there are thousands, it is as eerie as the Birds.

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