Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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The start of a new film year. They say it will be busier than last year, with more productions coming Vancouver's way. The lower Canadian dollar, lower fuel prices, and tax breaks all help to make the Vancouver area attractive.
My first shift of the year took me out to Spanish Banks in the west end of Vancouver, which provided this view of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore. The show? The Flash , based on a DC Comics superhero.

Part of the filming took place at Cecil Green Park House, over 100 years old, on the grounds of the University of British Columbia

Awesome view of downtown Vancouver from Spanish Banks

Looking West

Week two, week one of a new t.v. series called Proof , starring Jennifer Beals. It's about a surgeon who searches for proof of life after death. Today, we are downtown Vancouver at the Gotham Steak House on Seymour St.

The work tucks are lined up for an evenings work. Every department (Grips, Camera, Electrics, Special Fx, Props, Set Dec, etc., have their own trucks)

I was driving a 15 passenger shuttle bus tonight, busy driving cast and crew to and from crew parking and circus (base camp) to set. The time flew by.

Later on in the week, I ended back on Flash, this time to help move the work trucks from the Boundary Bay Airport (in Delta), to their next shooting location, Queen's Park in New Westminster. This shot is a crane truck, which has a bank of lights (finished for the evening) way up in the sky. (One person has to stay up there all night to keep an eye on things) (You would not catch me up there for any amount of money!)

Week three of the new year found me outside Rogers Arena, at the base camp of the t.v. show Motive , a police murder mystery.

Beside the arena, the Georgia Viaduct leads commuters downtown.

and beside that is the Sky Train

The pick-up and drop-off for shuttles was on Seymour.

Right by a medical marijuana dispensary. You are certainly seeing more and more of these popping up.

Our lunch room today, was at the Penthouse club, a notorious nightclub turned strip bar, this place has a lot of history.

My favourite late night hang-out, we spend a lot of time in the alleys of Vancouver.

After another long night, daytime took us to North Burnaby, another location, another vista of Vancouver

Part of the duties of the day. An emergency delivery of some jewellery for an actor from the wardrobe department at the studio, to the set location.

Back at the Bridge studio in Burnaby, home to many productions. Sometimes when it gets a little slow, it's like staring at a brick wall. (That kept my attention for a whopping 3 minutes!)

One of more interesting events is the daily travel of thousands of crows everyday at dusk and dawn to a site in Burnaby that they spend the night. They travel from all over Vancouver and Burnaby, it  is quite a sight, and "the Birds" Alfred Hitchcock movie certainly comes to mind.

On a building, Chinatown, Vancouver

Filming part of an episode of Motive in Chinatown. (Typically it takes 7 to 8 days to film one episode)

Getting really bored when the "selfies" start happening.

Part of Chinatown, Gore Ave and Pender Street.

And to finish off the week, a night shoot in the rain for Motive, at a house in North Burnaby. Always wonder what the neighbours must think of the blinding lights. (The locations department does get prior approval from the neighbours for permission to film)

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