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Days 234, 235 and 236 Golden to Invermere to Kimberley, B.C.

Day 234, as the clouds beging to lift,  a last glimpse of the mountains outside of the hotel window.

Leaving our home for the past 2 evenings.

back through downtown Golden, site of the day 232 end of day celebration.

crossing the mighty Kicking Horse River.
A short drive today to the site of our end of day celebration for day 234, Invermere.

Even though we are in the mountains, it was pretty much flat on highway 95

A great photo op on the side of the highway.

a beaver dam has created this little lake
the long and winding road (is getting shorter every day)

I passed by the convoy as they were pulled over at one of the local ranches. This was an EMT segment (extraordinary mode of transport), with the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen medal being worn by an equestrian rider. (you can see her and her horse just left of the motorhome)

I caught up to the train,

and eventually passed it, (it wasn't a speeding train, nor was I apeeding!)

A group of deer were grazing on the side of the road. I was glad they stayed on the side of the road.
The warning signs were for bighorn sheep, I didn't see any, but the a lot  of the other relay staff did.

Coming into Invermere, population about 3,000, is very close to the Alberta border.

Downtown Invermere.
This monument at the end of day celebration at Pothole park is in honour of the pioneers who discovered and settled in the area.

the city provided a portable stage and built a wheelchair ramp just for the occasion

A traditional first nations drum group blessed the day and the 25th anniversary

more cake, yeah!
There were food vendors as well, I had the taco salad, it was massive, (back to the gym!)

There goes the convoy on a street above us, close to end of day time!

I can see why they call it pothole park, it definately has a dip to it!

The students from the local dance school performed for the crowd.
everyone awaits the arrival of the final medal bearer.

and here comes Kate, the town's difference maker choice.

quite a group, we had the medal bearers in front posing for the traditional picture, and on stage was the local choir who sang O Canada. Another great turn-out by one of the smaller route communities.

Overlooking Windermere Lake as I head out of Invermere
Our hotel tonight was actually in Radium (population about 800), about 16 KM from Invermere.

Day 235, time to move again, but not before I grabbed a latte from this local coffee house.

Still with the events team, still driving "little bird", this time our end of day celebration is in Kimberley
A quick climb a s you leave town gives you a stunning view of the Columbia River Valley

and no traffic, pinch myself, again!

Starting to gain elevation.
Highball Canal Flats!

as we climb we are back into the snow. Kimberley is arguably the second highest "city" in Canada at 3,600 feet. (Banff is first)

Our home for two nights is the Trickle Creek Lodge at the Kimberley Alpine Resort
Kimberley calls itself the Bavarian City of the Rockies and has become quite a tourist destination. It was settled as a mining community, but the Sullivan lead-zinc mine has closed down.

I remember this clock from when we were there during the Olympic Torch relay. You put a loonie in the slot and Happy Hans comes out of the doors and does a little yodelling,! (it used to be 50 cents!)

Natalie poses with one of the  local residents
This deer was too use to people being around, not good.

A display map of the Rick Hansen original Man in Motion Tour, spanning 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days.

another town, another cake, yum-yum!

The downtown shops are all inside of a 3 or 4 block walking plaza.
Jordan chats with our end of day medal bearer, Annie. Annie was nominated by the community. (I do not have her story)

The proud difference makers of Kimberley

Wow, at the hotel room, the second time my room has had a view of ski slopes.

a view, a fire place, and a hockey playoff game, nuff said!
Doesn't take much to amuse me, an ice cube maker in the refrigerator!

Day 236, what month is this? The snow was falling hard, maybe they should re-open the ski hill. 

The snow is really coming down, kinda hard to tell in the pic, take my word for it!


Today we had the privelage of receiving a special tour of the Kimberley Conference and Athlete Tranining Centre

The conference room were first class.

they had a lot of displays including this one on from the 1988 winter olympics in Calgary.
state of the art accessible fitness facility

Display of posters from past Paralympic games and events.

finally a locker big enough for Justan!
the entire complex was totally accessible

One of the actual podiums used during the 2010 paralympic games in Vancouver

This lead crystal trophy is awarded in World cup disabled alpine skiing.

thanks to the staff at the conference center for a great tour!

 Heading back to the lodge.

That night we got to do something we have not had much of a chance to do in the last 8 months- Cook!
We had a pot luck, and it was a real treat. (I made a spinach, feta, and raspberry salad) There's Sylvie (works with the participant operation team back at the office, she is with us on the road for 10 days) carving up the meat loaf.

That was some good old fashioned home cooking! (p.s. the men made it all!) 236 is in the books, next stop Cranbrook

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