Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 219, Cache Creek to Kamloops, B.C.

Day 219, back on shuttle 1 with Kyle today, our first medal bearer meeting point of the day was just a little north of our home base of Kamloops.

in beautiful downtown Savona (population about 640)

Just above Savona overlooking Kamloops Lake

Savona is on Kamloops Lake.

Our meeting point in Savona was at the local fire department.

At the community hall down the street there was a poster contest for the kids. The theme was accessability and positive thinking

Another relay first today, some members of a local Kamloops motorcycle club joined us on the relay convoy, providing an escort on the way into Kamloops. 

C'mon Kyle you know you want another hot dog! The village hosted a lunch celebration at the town hall.

Great community support

Events like this do not happen without the sponsors!

Lunch is over, the convoy is ready, the motorcycles are ready, time ot load up the medal bearers on the shuttle.

Everyone came outside to see the first medal bearer off in Savona.

One last look at Kamloops Lake as Kyle and I head off to our second medal bearer meeting point in Kamloops.

Our meeting point was at the Tournament Capital Centre, which is also the site of our end of day celebration.

This facility, which is part of Thompson River University (TRU), is amazing. It boasts the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, gymnasiums, and this indoor running track.

Kamloops, population about 86,000 calls itself the tournament capital.

The capital centre had a first class fitness facility, and they let some of us use the gym for free.

There was also an outdoor track and a sports field with artificial turf.

There was a gymnastics gym as well.
There were 12 medal bearers in our group today, and 61 in total for day 219

Our medal bearers started out at the Kamloops city hall. Then it was straight uphill all the way to the end of day celebration. (kind of hard to tell in this picture, but there were some really steep segments.)

This medal bearer had her fan club waiting for her when we arrived at her segment.
Our end of day medal bearer, Todd, had his seeing eye dog on the bus with him.

It's time for number 59, Tanya, to carry the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen medal.

A quick picture with friends and family is always encouraged.

Outside the Tournament Capital Centre I can see the relay convoy getting close
Here they come, into the parking lot, led by 2 police motorcycle escorts.

And there to greet the medal bearers is  the man in motion himself, Rick Hansen.

The medal bearers had a rare chance to say hi to Rick before they headed inside to the end of day celebration.

an impomptu group photo op
Inside was electric! There was a huge crowd on hand to celebrate the medal bearers and, of course, Rick Hansen.

Jordan is the emcee tonight, standing with our end of day medal bearer, Todd, and his guide dog, and Rick.

This is cool
The hallways were lined with the children's efforts.

 Led by the medal bearers, we had to show the crowd how to do the warm-up dance, and they were all really into it.
Wendy and Marilyn pose with Greg, one of the medal bearers in our group today. Also in this photo is Greg's dad, who is a policeman with the Canadian National Railway Police, and was one of the relay police escorts today. Here is Greg's story:

"The one armed man can." My name is Greg Stewart, I was born missing my left arm below the elbow and grew to the height of 7'2". I have

grown up with the mentality that no matter what challenge you are given in life, you can always over come it. I have been given the opportunity

to play for the Canadian Nation Disabled Volleyball team for 10 years winning 3 World Championships and 1 World Cup. I also have been able

to play basketball at the university level, winning both provincials and nationals. I am the CIS Defensive Player of the year for 2011, the top

level of basketball in Canada. Also, I am the 2-time Canada West Defensive Player of the Year 2010, 2011. Sports have been a large part of my

life, and being able to demonstrate to the public how even with my disability, I can truly succeed means a lot to me. I hope that if I give just

one person the thought that they can achieve anything, I will be happy. So, I strongly believe that if the one armed man can, any man can!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

After the end of day celebration, Rick Hansen was gracious enough to sign autographs and meet with the public. After almost 2 hours, we had to turn people away, unfortunately, Rick was late for a another engagement. Kamloops really came out and supported the 25th anniversary relay.

there was a Kamloops sports hall of fame in the hallway, I spotted this program from from a Junior A all-star game in Penticton that was held in the 70's. I remember going to see the Penticton Broncos when I was a kid!

this was an initiative from the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver. day 219 has come to a close

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