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Days 230 and 231 Sicamous to Revelstoke, B,C.

Day 230 was actually a non-relay day. A few of us were rostered to check-out some of the local businesses in Salmon Arm for the Global Accessability Map.

Rick Hansen Global Accessibility Map

The Rick Hansen Global Accessibility Map (GAM) is a unique online ratings tool designed to raise awareness of the importance of improved physical access to buildings and public spaces in communities around the world.

Similar to how consumer reviews work on travel websites, GAM allows you to enter accessibility reviews of places and services in your community, while also checking out the ratings of other locations you plan to visit.

Ratings can be submitted from a mobility, hearing or sight perspective. The tool can be accessed from both desktop computers or laptops and mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

GAM addresses a growing need, as the number of people living with a disability in Canada and around the world continues to rise. Worldwide, an estimated 650 million have some form of disability.

This unique tool allows people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and those with mobility aids to make informed decisions on where to eat, shop, work and play.

You can be part of building positive change. Go to to create an account and rate venues and services.

After hitting a couple of the shops and restaurants downtown, we decided to venture out. We made a stop at this farm, also the home of........

The owners were kind enought to let us have a look around the barn, this calf is only two days old.
The piggy stall

Doesn't get a lot of visitors.

What's cuter than one piggy?
We got to sample a lot of their cheeses, I bought a small block of the habenero, wow, it had a real kick to it!

lots to choose from. Thanks to Gort's for the tour.

Next we went to the Granite Creek Estate Winery in nearby Tappen (mixing a little business with pleasure)

The vines are in the forefront with a treed, mountain backdrop
The award winning wines.

Just half a mile down the road from Granite Creek Winery was the Recline Ridge Estate Winery. (It would be a shame not to do a least one comparison taste test)

They too, have won a few awards.

The leaves on the vines aren't out yet but with the temperature around 17 celsius, it was an award winning day (booooo)
One our way out to Margaret Falls we went by Marilyn's in-laws to pick up a bicycle that Hank had left there the night before when we were there for dinner. (left to right Brian, Hank, Wendy, and Joyce)

Margaret Falls is one of those hidden gems, that unless you are told about it from one of the locals you would never know it's there. It is about 10 kilometres off of the trans-Canada highway. Right off of the entrance you head into fairly dense forest.

The trail actually is fairly easy and accessible. In this shot we are being dwarfed by some giant cedars.

As we got closer to the falls we were encompassed by huge rock walls

This cedar root was coming out of the ground and into the rock or vice-versa
Less than 15 minutes from the road and we are at the falls.

I'm kinda dwarfed by the falls

pretty powerful stuff , that mother nature

blessed once again.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped at DeMille's farm market, pretty well know in these parts.

DeMille's Farm Market is a third generation family farm. With roots in California farming (both vegetable and dairy) the family moved to the Salmon Arm valley in 1970

They had a lot of cool old pieces of farm machinery on the property

We decided to pick-up some fresh food today, being tired of restaurant food, and there was a rumour that............

a random act of bar-b-queing was going to break out in the parking lot of the hotel!
Day 231, after 6 nights, it was time to bid adieu to Salmon Arm. It's funny how you start to get to know a town when you spend even that much (or little) time there. I really like this town!

The 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay has already taken us through Vernon, only one destination today.

back through Sicamous where day 231 started for those on the convoy, I am on the events team for this week, driving the 3 ton Penske (aka "little bird") Our end of day celebration in Sicamous was on day 228

Last look at Shuswap Lake
thanks for visiting? It was our pleasure!

Highball Malakwa!

They turned this old sawmill burner into a pub, I have driven by many times, but never stopped in to check it out.

The hotel at 3 Valley Gap, there's not much there, but it sure is beautiful.
Outside of Revelstoke, good to see Smokey the Bear is standing guard, (even though there is still snow on the ground)

Crossing the Columbia River  ( yes the same one that runs all the way into Oregon) into Revelstoke (population about 7,200), a bridge I have crossed many times. I have friends who live here, and I used to layover here back in my Greyhound days.

the Best Western, home for a night.

the end of day celebration was in Grizzly square in downtown Revelstoke. As we were setting up our gear I spotted a familiar face in this restaurant.
It's Pat! having a late lunch after his day as a medal bearer shuttle driver was done.

the relay has arrived!

the before shot, looking down the main street of Revelstoke, with the Selkirk Mountains in the background.

the entrance to the main street has these amazing grizzly bear sculptures on either side of the street.
Part of the entertainment today was the local high school concert band. These kids rocked it!, they were very, very good, and had a large repertoire, playing at least 15 songs.

oh, and you know it would not be complete without Ronald!

Revelstoke is the only town I have seen on the entire relay that made their own banner celebrating the relay's arrival.

Makes for a nice shot!
getting close, the convoy , and the medal bearers make their way towards Grizzly square.

I love the way everybody bands together! The power of the medal!

The town square was the place to have our end of day celebration, people are just naturally around, not necessarily just here for the relay.

Now Scott, (participant operations), your going in a marathon soon!
Once in awhile I still see a sticker from the Olympic Torch Relay, this time from when we rolled through Revelstoke over 2 years ago.

Day 231 has come to a close, back at the hotel, enjoying the hotel room view while I can, off to Golden tomorrow.

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