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Days 223 and 224 Vernon to Enderby, B.C.

Day 223 on the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen Man in Motion relay. Today was an event day at some of the schools in Vernon. I was not rostered today, so I headed out and followed this little creek to the

Vernon recreation centre, where I managed to get a work-out in, (gotta keep on top of it!, all this restaurant food for 223 days can get a guy in trouble if he doesn't watch it!)

I got a surprise visit from my daughter and her friend (she still refuses to let me take a picture for the blog), they drove up from Summerland, about 60 miles. We decided to take a drive around Vernon and check it out. We managed to see some pretty nice vistas.

over-looking Okanagan Lake
Towards downtown Vernon.

down on Okanagan Lake looking south

relaxing by the lake with a latte, ahhh!

Day 224, back to work, today I am on shuttle 3 with Jake as the host, we have one medal bearer meeting point today, in Enderby, about 38 kilometres north of Vernon.
Salmon Arm is where the relay team will spend the next 6 nights, it's about 25 kilometres northwest of Enderby.

cruising north on highway 97 towards Enderby, a road I have travelled many time in my past life as a truck and Greyhound driver.

heading into Enderby, highway 97 goes right through the middle of town

I've seen this posters before!

The tourist info centre had these inspirational posters created by the local high school students

The local community newspaper even did a story about the accessability of Enerby.

if it was only that easy...;...... maybe it is.

While Jake was hosting the medal bearer meeting, I drove off to find the insertion point where the first medal bearer in our group would start their segement of the relay. It was at the Splats'in first nation band office.
On the way back to our meeting point, I had to stop and get a couple of pics of the Shuswap river, which runs through Enderby.

Okay, 5 pics, but I like them all!

The meeting point was at the Enderby Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Info Center

Jake's work is done, the medal bearers are pumped and ready!

While on the way to our insertion point we show the medal bearers videos about Rick Hansen's original journey and clips from the 25th anniversary relay. One of our favourite clips to show that always makes the difference makers laugh, is a video from the Rick Mercer Report that shows Rick Hansen bungee jumping. Here is a link to the video.
Kayla and Jane were our pilots today leading us on our segment in the day 224 relay.

We were treated to a traditional first nation blessing at the Splats'in band office.

the end of day celebration was on the streets of downtown Enderby , (population about 2,800) 

Enderby knew what it takes to make an event successful. They invited the town, provided free entertainment, had interactive activities for the kids, and the local Lion's club even had a chili feed for everyone that attended.
And here comes the final medal bearer for day 224 , Abby, showing off the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen medal.

a few words from the local dignitaries

and there's Rob, our newest endurance athlete, he hails from Oakville, Ontario, and is with us for a week. He was injured in a mountain biking accident just over 3 years ago.

Marni Abbott was invited to say a few words to the people of Enderby. She is a decorated paralympian,
and is the daughter of our end of day medal bearer, Abby

The town provided wheelchairs for the kids to try out, playing basketball and doing relay races. 
bring on the chili! Thanks to the local Lion's club and to the community for hosting one of the better end of day celebrations we have had on the relay so far.

Scott lines up the kids on the wheelchairs for a relay race!

Medal bearer 26, Gloria is putting together a herbal/medicinal tea for Jake, made from ingredients grown in the are. This tea had been used for generations by the local first nations. Here is Gloria's story:

I was born into a very poor family on the Enderby Indian Reserve. I was sent to an Indian Residential school and then a foster home. I worked

in orchards, fields, and I waitressed. I joined the RCMP and then became a lawyer. I am now a Federa Adjudicator. When I was young I was

diagnosed with rheumatic fever so was not able to do much at all. As I became a joung adult I started playing sports and found out that my

heart was strong enough. I am now an avid golfer and curler. Not only do I participate in sports, I try to help organize and encourage more

participation by younger people. I sit on several provincial and local boards which I believe can make a difference in our communities. I was

elected Chief of my Indian Band and while I was Chief, I tried to encourage healthy lifestyles in every area of life. For three years, I was the

emcee for the Provincial Aboriginal Diabetes Conference where about 300 Aboriginals attended. Not only did I follow the agenda, but I invented

healthy games for the participants so they could gain a better understanding of healthy living and lifestyles. Some day, I would love to receive

the National Aboriginal Achievement Award, but that means that I must work very hard and accomplish as much as I can. I am a volunteer on

the committee in Enderby to welcome the relay.

Movin on to Salmon Arm.
The Prestige Inn, our home away from home ( a least for a few nights!)

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  1. I hope Gloria receives the National Aboriginal Achievement award too. It sounds like she really IS making a difference in her community and leading by example.

    Thanks for posting day by day. I'm loving it! See you on day 269!