Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Technically Day 127 on the relay, recon of the Okanagan (for next May)

Christmas eve, Uncle Dave comes to visit and show off his winter driving prowess

Taylor stops by to show off his new jacket

and his stylin winter footwear, his hemp "disciple boots"

I'm sorry, only one place to go to for last minute Christmas shopping. It was so crowded, and not many people looked very happy in there, not for the claustrophobic,

funny, when you go in for one thing, you end up with a whole bunch of stuff you probably don't even need.

Sunset in the Okanagan.
The kids came over to visit on Christmas eve, and to watch my favorite, "it's a wonderful life", a lot of my family seems to be "blog shy"

Christmas dinner was at my sister's (more blog shy folk), but not her bichon's, nikki........

sophie.............. and


a new tradition, Christmas ribs, and man were they good.!
Went up to see my auntie Bubbles in Kelowna

Lunch with one blog shy kid, and one of my best buds, Tim (who insisted he does not want to be on the blog, but when do I ever listen to him , anyways?)

heading back to Summerland through West Kelowna, amazing how much this place has built up in the last few years.

Okanagan Lake near Peachland
back south towards Summerland

Giant's head mountain in Summerland

 Leaving Summerland down the hill back towards my temporary accomodations in Trout Creek

Home sweet home (even though it's temporary)

A treat tonight, Taylor is cooking me his famous Chicken and Quinoa dish, with squash on the side, yum-yum!
A little blast  from the past, the days before the relay started. We had to pick-up some of our Honda vehicles at this dealership in St. John's Newfoundland

shiny happy people, this honda pilot was shipped from another dealership in Nova Scotia

signal hill in St. John's

Looking back towards St. John's harbour
A shipment of supplies and medal bearer uniforms came in St. John's. We had to sort it all out in the parking lot of the hotel, and file it away onto our supply truck.

More of Cape Spear, Newfoundland.

The lighthouse at Cape Spear.

What a poser! a far cry from the minus 12 and snowing in Thunder Bay!

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