Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 112 and 113 Sudbury event day, and a day off!

day 112, breakfast in the hotel in Sudbury, this is the last time I will see my roomie till next year. He is advancing a shuttle bus to Winnipeg, then he's off for 3 weeks. rumor has it he is heading to Costa Rica.

Pretty deluxe accomidations. The bonus, when Jeremy left, I got my own room!

Heading down the road to our start of day location at Sudbury city hall. Yes, I did see the red light, even though I was taking this pic.

Always a hit, we have a cardboard cut-out of Rick Hansen with a back-drop that people love to take their pictures with. Today was an event day again. Two school stops, a visit to the hospital, and my assignment, along with Jordan, Dawn, Scott, and Kyle was to set up a display and interact with the residents at PioneerManor in Sudbury.

One of the managers gave us a camera so we could take pictures of the residents with Rick. It didn't take long for Brenda to come over and give him the high five. This was an interesting facility, there were different wings to the building, depending on the needs,  but where we were most of the patients could interact. Interesting because this facility is for people with long term health care needs, the age range is from 18 to 104. Also, it is run by the City of Sudbury, not a private facility.

The team from the magical paws pet therapy group came in while we were there. They bring in dogs, and at least one cat I saw, for the enjoyment of the residents. Paulette is here today with her dog Nishka.
Jordan, with one of the residents and another team from the magical paws group. 

You can see this water tower in downtown Sudbury from almost anywhere in town.

Pioneer  Manor, "little bird" was my ride again today.

Well let's switch gears a little bit. It was suggested we should have an ugly Xmas sweater contest tonight. Pat and Don are contenders, and Russ in the middle, has proclaimed himself the official judge since he found a Sudbury Santa Claus Parade committee judge sweater from 2008!
Justan and Jordan

The contestants. This is the only pic you will see of me and my sweater, believe me it looked like a green shag carpet with xmas ornaments on it. I'm on the far right.

Jake, Jake, Jake

Kayla and Ty

Jeremy (Fish not Nish) interviewing tonights judge.

Our endurance athlete Tyrone and Jake doing a little wheelchair boogie.

The not related Downeys, Marilyn and Pat

Don would like to wish all of you happy holidays!
I put the camera to rest on the day off. Besides catching up on personal stuff, there was not much to do, the weather was rainy and about 3 celsius.  A quick pic of me picking up the pace motorhome at the local ford dealership where it was getting serviced.

I thought this was a good time to add a couple of more pics of the pre-relay trip from Halifax to St. John's Newfoundland. This is on the trans-canada highway east between Gander and St. John's.

Really, the open road. The other vehicle is Jeremy in the shuttle way ahead.

On a whim, we decided to follow a look-out sign up a dirt road. It was worth it. We saw a good portion of Terra Nova National Park.
Still kinda stunning

The foilage

Same day, the fog rolled in, it was hard to see 20 feet in front of you for about 30 miles

Still the same day, the sun is shining as we head into St. John's  a week before the start of the relay.

Home base in St. John's. those were the days, my friend. August in St. John's. Right now in Sudbury it is a cold and rainy 2 degrees celsius at 11p.m., by morning it is supposed to drop to minus 10 celsius, yikes!

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