Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 109 and 110 Barrie to Orillia to Parry Sound, Ontario

The end of day 108 a nice evening out for sushi with................

Well, it started out nice

Jeremy apparently likes ginger on everything.

This was one of the best sushi meals I have every had, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but as you can see, I quite enjoyed it.

Day 109, talk about a small world. My buddy Doug, (we have been friends since high school in Penticton) just happened to fly into Toronto last night from London, England. He was staying with a friend in Barrie, about 2 hours from T O  We managed to get together for coffee for about 1/2 an hour.

cruisin down the 400
The Xmas spirit is alive and well in Orillia, population approx. 30,000

I was on events again today. Our end of day celebration was at the Orillia city hall. It was going to be an outdoor event, we had to wait for this crane to finish on the roof of city hall before we go get close to where we needed to set up.

The event team today included left to right: Barn (Russell), Jordan, Natalie and myself.

In the lobby of the hotel was a model of this ship that used to work on Lake Simcoe

Orillia city hall used to be an old factory and was once the manufacturer of the Tudhope? automobile

It was cold today, but the entertainment kept everyone warm. These guys played a mean rockabilly. (did not catch their name)
We set up 3 tents , 2 for us and one for the local Mcdonalds, which had an inflatable coffee cup but no tent to at least shield themselves from the wind.

Looks late, but it is only 5PM. This old school rock band really kept the crowd entertained.

Jordan chats it up with Wesley, Orillia's end of day difference maker.

Considering the weather, there was a lot of support for the local medal bearers.

A medal bearer photo in the cold, maybe a little warm-up dance  to the tune of Katy Perry will help. (it did)
Day 110 started in Orillia. It kinda reminded me of Penticton, B.C. only because it is situated between two lakes, Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching

Lake Couchiching


A little bit of ice forming

Here's the difference. Lake Simcoe just looks a lot bigger  (pretty smart, eh?)
on the road again.............

This sign means a lot to me. A: we are heading north to little mecca, the home of Bobby Orr.
B. my brother-in-law is from here!

Hard to see, but I noticed we started to see a lot more rock, noteably a lot of red granite, something we do not see a lot of in B.C.

Downtown Parry Sound

Hard to believe this rail bridge can support a full size freight train

I witnessed it while we were setting up for our end of day celebration.

Parry Sound is located on Georgian Bay. This shot is across the street from our end of day celebration.
Take a cruise on the Island Queen (next summer I suggest)

Okay, I am torn, the Bobby Orr museum or the Charles Stockey Center for performing arts.

They were very gracious letting us have a peak at the museum.

Team Canada jackets from the past

For thsoe of you that do not know what this is in reference to, go to this link

That's what i'm talking about!

The photo by Ray Lussier

He played junior for the Oshawa Generals
The early days

Some of Bobby Orr's hardware.  Wow!

Interactive displays

The bonus is , while you are trying to hide your tears of joy, you can look out onto Georgian Bay, and people think you are crying about the beauty of the outdoors!

I was more about checking out the streets of where my brother-in-law used to hang out. I still did not find the roof of the cabin  that he, his brother, and his buddies apparently used to water-ski off ofF! (urban ledgend?)

This picture of the good old days. Instead of Bobby Orr,  this could easily be a picture of my brother-in-law and his brother, who apparently caught and told some whoppers!

A winter wonderland, for sure

outside of the end of day, the sun sets on Georgian bay

Part of the building included the Stockey center, we went in to look at the theatre, and personally, I  was blown away. The acoustics in this building are state of the art. Check out this link.
The covoy arrives with the final medal bearer of the day.

I think everyone  felt this was a special place.

The medal bearer end of day picture was on track until they were told they would have to show the crowd how to do the dance. They did 

Sunday night, everyone had places to go. When I finally finished tying down all the display equipment in the truck, I soon realized I was the only one left in the parking lot.  Thanks Parry Sound for hosting the 110th end of day celebration of the 25th anniversary  Rick Hansen relay.

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