Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 100 and 101 Brantford to Kitchener,Ontario

Day 100 of 273, back on the pace motorhome for one more day. Getting ready to go outside the hotel in Brantford.
Cruisin past the Wayne Gretzky Parkway

A little chilly this morning, Josh and Jordan getting into a little warm-up routine.

Our start of day school celebration was at North Park Collegiate-Vocational School in Brantford.

The entrance to the school was lined with students. They were there to cheer on their own difference maker Devon.
A lot of times we go by a school that is not one of our stops, but it does not keep the students from coming out and cheering on the medal bearers.

The first village outside of Brantford is St. George, part of Brant County

The students in St. George lined the route into a break at the South Dumfries community center

Our endurance athlete Tyrone talks to the crowd.

Heading across the Grand River in Cambridge, Ontario
Downtown Cambridge, this town seemed like it had a lot of history.

medal bearer exchange from a side mirror view

I love this shot, it was outside city hall in Cambridge

Galt (part of Cambridge) public library building, circa 1903

Our lunch stop was at the Galt Collegiate Institute. This school was founded in 1852 and has a student body of over 1300

I believe most of the students were out today to cheer on the Rick Hansen relay, and more importantly the school's nominee, Erika.
Erika is seen here with her little sister. Erika and her sister are two of the bravest and strongest young people I have met on this relay. Just this past summer they lost both of their parents to cancer within 3 weeks of each other. Our hearts and best wishes go out to the girls and their family.

The students never stopped cheering for her.

Lunch was provided by the school, many thanks once again.

Not quite as good as the shot I got downtown.

On to Kitchener, another day, another McDonald's, but lately, the same Ronald. How does one decide this is their career?

Our end of day was at the Patrick J. Doherty arena in Kitchener. This was one of our smallest turnouts in a long time. Apparently the city was having a Christmas light-up festival downtown at the same time.

Still the dance must go on!

Doug, our stilt walking medal bearer from yesterday, was on hand to entertain the supporters.
Day 101 was an event day. Some our team went  to Goderich, Ontario, to promote the relay, as well as interact with the community that suffered a tornado in August of this year. Hank, Jordan, Tyrone (having a breaky break), and myself set up a display at the Kitchener museum.

This building was quite an architecural marvel.

They had this interactive music and dance screen, where depending on what you did, your movements corresponded to musical notes.

A lot of interactive displays for the youth of all ages, including Hank and Jordan, who are busy damming the river in preperation for their tugboat race.

Whoa, the pegs on this display can be transformed to many things when pushed in the right places!

Jordan had the right touch.
I got to test out my driving skills, I failed. Everytime I went over the speed limit, I lost control and crashed, do you think the machine was trying to tell me something?

A distorted view of myself

The view from above. There were no student groups scheduled into the museum today, so there wasn't much traffic for our display.

That just gave us more time to explore. This display of lights was blinding.

Artwork made out of pop cans and candy wrappers

More candy wrapper art. It was easier to spot the image with the camera than it was with the naked eye.
Another fun thing was this computer you could type a message, and this robotic sound system would announce it over it's speakers.

Ty might be getting a little childish with this message

Jordan gets to here the message.

Meanwhile Hank is busy creating this masterpiece

Bravo, with a little help from me we have a winner! 
Tyrone getting some help on his creation

This was a very educational exhibit. Just to let you know, we did take turns manning our dispaly and spreading the word about the Rick Hansen 25th anniversary relay, it wasn't all goof off time.

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