Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 115 Espanola to Blind River, Ontario

Day 115, the cold finally catches up with us. minus 10 this morning.

Not so nice view of this pulp mill in Espanola on the way in.

Once again, this time in Espanola, things on the relay will be great when were  dunh, dunh --  downtown.

Start of day , a presentation about the Rick Hansen relay at the Espanola high school

Ken, our bike escort, and Andrew (one of our pilots) looking posed, I mean poised and ready

Always blown away by the support we get from the schools
Back downtown, this time with the medal bearer following behind the pace motorhome.

A group came out to see one of our medal bearers, including some first nations children dressed in traditional attire. They were there to support their teacher Allison

A lunch celebration in Massey, Ontario. Some kids from the local schools were bussed in for the occasion.

It was cold and windy outside, this was a better angle to get a shot, inside the motorhome
Tyrone proudly showing off the medal with the difference makers of Massey

The school kids entertained us with a few songs.

Kerry here is showing me a picture of Rick Hansen meeting her brother, who is a paraplegic, 25 years ago when he wheeled through Massey. She was chosen from our online contest. Here is a bit about her entry

25 years ago my brother who is also a paraplegic was chosen to hand Rick the donation from our small town of Massy. This was one of the

highlights of his life. His five siblings and our mom still proudly display this photo in each of our homes. Unfortunately his health has failed and

he is now in a nursing home. I would so love to be a part of your journey in his honor. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I thank

you for having such a positive impact in my brothers life.... Good luck and best wishes!!!!!

Inside the Dragonfly restaurant, Barn digs into our relay lunch of wraps and soups.

The highlight of this place was the men's bathroom, the pictures will not do this place justice. It was like a mini rec room full of memorabilia.
The Newfie chain saw

Kenn likes it, I can tell by the way he is waving from the stall

Jamie, our relay director, addresses the medal bearers and the mayor in the small town on Spanish, Ontario, population less than a 1000. It is on the mouth of the Spanish River, which empties in Lake Huron

An afternoon time adjustment break at the Spanish River trading post. This sign is probably more accurate than the weather channel
The trading post

These berries were worth a pic. Not sure what kind, though

Another relay first, the medal bearers carried the medal through the Spanish River hospital, and senior's home.

The residents were really looking forward to our visit, many rememered when Rick came through 25 years ago.

The medal bearer train. I did not catch the name of this medal bearer or his wife, who hitched a ride through the hallways

There they go. The resident lined up along the corridors to great the medal bearers

Cruising along the highway along Lake Huron (yes I was  driving, but it was a quik shot)

I thought this first nations sign was interesting.

Blind River is ready for our arrival

More of Lake Huron
The ever growing trend is for all the medal bearers in the group to support each other and walk together.

Too much?

Jordan, our two-hour advance, and Ontario regional co-ordinator is getting into the Christmas carols being played from the motorhome. (try listening to Felice Navidad 100 times, lol!)

Not a bad view from the End of Day celebration at the community center

very cozy and informal setting.

Each medal bearer in the community of Blind River was introduced to the audience
The sunset

Looking back at our end of day site

To steal line from Russ, the temperature is dropping in Blind River, but the people here are warming our hearts. 

Hey Pat!

The gang, left to right: Justan, Barn, Kayla,  Tina, Pat, Wendy, Jane, and Tyrone

The end of day was upstairs, but they did have a wheelchair lift installed. It was so convenient that Ty good finish his dessert on the way down.

No need for utensils

We had a chance to go skating afterwards, something I haven't done for almost 3 years. Here Billy and Jordan take it to another level,  just beautiful, boys!

Now that's a zamboni I can relate to.

Kayla and Steph give it a whirl. Another day on the relay, off to Thessalon tomorrow.

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