Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 94 Sarnia to London, Ontario

The start of the day for Jake and I was in Watford, Ontario. Ironic that I found this sign lying on the stage. Very fit ting, get it?

The other side of the proverbial coin. Huh? Me?

Jake had his own ideas, he cut the sign in half and kinda changed it around a bit. Dream on Jake!

The meeting was at this town hall in Watford, which is actually part of Warwick Township, population less than 4000.

Mami (who is visiting us from head office for a week) and I showing off our dance moves.
We put the medal bearers on stage so they could show of their own dance moves.

Another group pumped and ready. The kids in front made their own signs to cheer on the medal bearers.

Waiting for the convoy on the side of the road in Warwick

Next stop London

Our meeting point was at Parkwood Hospital in London

My favorite part of the breifing is when the medal bearers tell their stories on why they are here today, and their difference maker stories.

It was one of the most passionate groups I have worked with. There was a lot of emotion in the stories today that started a chain reaction of tears that included me as well.

Every member of the relay team is allowed to nominate one difference maker in their lives. Wendy chose Leigha a close family friend of  hers. Her family and friends including Wendy and Hank came out to celebrate her medal bearer moment.

Kathy with her daughter Sabrina. Kathy suffers from spina bifida and has overcome many health challenges in her life. Her daughter Sabrina is a healthy 12 year old.
Getting dark early, good thing Justan (event advance) was here with his lightsaber to direct us.

At the end of day celebration, I parked the bus to let Jake off, and this horse and buggy team snuck up behind me. They were close enough to steam up the windows.

I took the bus to our hotel, then started to walk back to the end of day celebration at Victoria Park in London. The convoy and the pace motorhome just happened to be going by so I jumped on. The medal bearers were having their own little parade tonight.

The final medal bearer coming into the park coincided with their annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. There was a lot of entertainment to put everyone in a festive mood.
There is our display and tents way over on the other side of the park. There was well over 5000 people in the park tonight.


It was nice to include the medal bearers in the christmas tree lighting ceremony. We did the firework dance for the crowd, and this time we had a live band to play the Katy Perry song.

London Life Insurance building.

I tried to take a picture of all the christmas trees lit up in the park, you have to take my word for it there were many trees and it was a colorful and festive sight.

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