Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 68 Smiths Falls to Kingston, Ontario

Day 68, beautiful Smiths Falls. This is an old railway bridge last used in 1972, that spans the Rideau Canal

I am going to start calling this "relay weather"

One of the locks used to move the boats through the canal

The canal system runs from Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario

The water tower, something we don't see in British Columbia

One of the pulleys for the lock gates
Couldn't resist taking a picture of this cow on the side of the highway

I was driving the motorhome once again. Our day started where it finished the night before at the arena.

Bryn, our photographer getting creative

Turn-off for Kingston.
But first, another sponsor stop, this time at the Smith Falls McDonalds, the staff were happy to pose with the medal bearer.

Next sponsor stop, Scotiabank

The relay even attracts the town crier in Portland, Ontario

Portland is a small cottage town on Big Rideau Lake

Next stop was Elgin, part of the township of Rideau Lakes

These small communities really supported the relay, and a lot of people remember when Rick wheeled through 25 years ago

Hey, wait a minute, that Ontario Provincial police officer looks a lot like someone I know!

Always a lot of support from the families

Say hello to Sweet Cheeks

When we go to Seeley's Bay, we were in for a surprise, I think the whole town came out to see us.

And Rick Hanswen of course, it was quite a parade, let by a bagpiper. Reminded me a lot of the crowds during the Olympic Torch Relay

We were invited for a luncheon, and the whole town followed us and the medal bearer for about a kilometre

Always available to talk to the crowds

The volunteers had these shirts made up for themselves

This was a lunch I will never forget. We went to the Seeley Bay retirement home for lunch. The staff made us a real homemade lunch. The bonus was we had a chance to intermingle with the residents there, it was a lot of fun, everyone was warm, friendly, and gracious

Okay, now I am bragging!

They had one of those old player pianos, complete with these rolls of songs

What else would I have for dessert, chocolate mousse, of course!

Many thanks!

Okay, back to work, we went to the Kingston Canadian Forces base, and were escorted by the military police.

The soldiers that were the medal bearers today were escorted by the cadets from the Canadian Royal Military College

Crossing the Lasalle Causeway into Kingston

The cadets had their own piper

Heading towards downtown Kingston

Always a bigger crowd when Rick is in attendance

Pretty impressive city hall. Kingston was once the capital of Canada for a brief time starting in 1841, and is the home of Sir John A. McDonald, Canada's first prime minister

End of my day, dropped of the gang at the hotel, now it's time to fuel and clean the motorhome, but it is quiet time for me!

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