Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 66 and 67, Ottawa to Stittsville to Smiths Falls, Ontario

Day 66 started at the parliment buildings in Ottawa, Jeremy (my roomie) is driving the command vehicled today, behind me in the pace motorhome. Eric is in command today.

Jordy is our endurance athlete today, here he is showing off the medal. Mike (head of  our security) is in the background
Waiting to cross the street, left to right Robin (one of our photographers), Max (usually in the office in Vancouver, he is with us for a couple of weeks, today he is on two hour advance), Chris (our videographer), Eric (command), Jim (executive director), Jordy (endurance athlete) and Marilyn (in charge of the escorts)

The weather is cooperating again.

Lots of police escorts today, they did a great job controlling the intersections
outside one of the schools in Ottawa.
Little Italy, one of the neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Devonshire public school supports one of their student Medal Bearers
Here Jeremie gets a chance to tell his fellow students what his experience had been like. Most of the student medal bearers are chosen by their Principals and teachers

The outskirts of Ottawa heading west. They placed a camera on the hood of the motorhome facing towards Mike and myself, filming our reactions? 

The relay goes everywhere
St. Daniel school in Ottawa

Beside the medal bearers, the kids are what makes this relay. Future difference makers

The view from the back of the motorhome

Our lunch stop was at Algonquin college in Nepean, part of the greater Ottawa area , once again we were treated royally
Entertainment was provided by Justin Hines, OMG, he was an incredible talent.

The students from the culinary program cooked our lunch. Fantastic

We did a presentation in the cafeteria.

Once again, spoiled rotten!

Rick spoke to the students and staff

Farewell to Ottawa, now we are in farming country

Our end of day celebration was at the Goulbourn Rec Complex in Stittsville, Ontario, about 30 km outside of Ottawa

of what?

Back on the road for day 67, which started in Stittsville

Our first medal bearer of day, who had her daughter walk with her. We encourage friends and family to walk with the medal bearers.
A huge support group for this medal bearer.

I was honored to get my picture taken with Sheldon, a member of our armed forces, who has done tours of duty in Somalia, and Bosnia

Well, McDonalds IS a sponsor, this time a little celebration in Stittsville.

There's one of our new endurance athletes, Tyrone, (the one who dropped the puck with Rick at the Ottawa Senators game). He has his own hand cycle, this one is top of the line. Price tag $12,000

Downtown Carleton Place, Ontario, what a cool little town.
A celebration outside of city hall

The Boulton Brown Grist Mill

Across the river

The Mississippi river

I can explain, officer!
Sponser stop at the Smith Falls, Ontario Honda dealership. Here Jordy is showing people how to do the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team "Haka war dance" Check this link to see what I am talking about, it was a lot of fun to do.

This girl was doing a school report about Rick Hansen, so we let her come on the motorhome to get a first hand look at the relay

Home for one night!

End of day celebration site

One of our police escorts

I miss the the hockey arenas, great memories!
Another great turn out

Andrew Greenlaw popped in to say hi. He was with me on the Olympic Torch Relay, as a member of the marketing team. The people of Smith Falls gave us goodie bags which included the Canadian hat I am wearing.

The organizing team had these difference maker shirts made up in honor of the final medal bearer of the day.

End of day meeting at the hotel in Smith Falls. That's it, now I am only 6 days behind on the blog!

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