Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 84, Get back to work!

Okay, I had a week off, where did that time go? I went to see the kids, but they were reluctant to be "blogged", so I took a picture of Smokey the cat. Too long a story to tell in one blog on how a calico cat ended up with the name Smokey. Use your imagination.

The view from Summerland looking towards Trout Creek and Penticton.

Dragged Taylor with me to Auntie's to sort out my winter gear for the relay.

My sister Tammy was kind enough to let me store all my stuff in her basement until this gig is over.

Quite a chore looking for my flap hat and mittens!
Auntie Tammy chillin with 2 of her 3 Bichons, Nikki, and Sophie.

Imperative to try and keep in relay shape, here I am sweatin to the oldies.

Chore time, winters for the car.

Insurance for the car. I am leaving my daughter in charge of the car while I am away, heck, what's a few sleepless nights anyways!

Running around in circles.

Into Penticton. This is one of my favorite views. Looking north up Okanagan Lake
The east bench and the Penticton sign

S.S. Sicamous sternwheeler, on Okanagan Lake

One more thing on my holiday to do list. Heading towards Vancouver on the highway 3. A view of K mountain in Keremeos

On the Hope-Princeton highway, heading into the first snow of the year. Must be something wrong with the speedometer, I can't possibly be going that fast.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Sunshine Valley, just east of Hope, B.C.

Hard to grab good shots while you are driving, I like this one just west of Hope on the Trans Canada

Had dinner in Vancouver with my bro Skip and his daughter Erin. My daughter Teala is a little camera shy.

Later on we pick-ed up his other daughter Megan.

Teala and I stayed on Granville St. in downtown Vancouver

In the morning we walked by the Occupy Vancouver encampment outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery

A lot of tents here. Not sure if everyone staying here are on the same page.

What a poser!

The real reason I went to Vancouver was to fight a traffic ticket I received last August. Here is a shot of the courtroom at the Law Courts

I ended up winning my case, the officer did not show up at the hearing.
On the way home, a shot of one of the towers they are building for the new bridge to span the Fraser River where the Port Mann bridge is now between Surrey and New Westminster

Where did that week go. Time to get on the plane in Penticton to get back to the relay. We had to wait for 1 1/2 hours to take-off because no-one showed up at sleepy little Penticton airport to de-ice the runway.

Vancouver bound. I missed my first connection to Toronto because of the delay.

Approach to the the airport in Vancouver

Very rare in Vancouver. A little frosty in the morning, time to de-ice. (these guys showed up on time)

My ride

Headin East
I chose to watch Hangover 2 as my inflight movie. It was okay. How come everytime there is a drunken bachelor party there is a monkey involved?

Flying over Toronto on our way to Pearson airport


A changing of the guards!(.left to right) Deena (participant operations) and Max (community advance and regional co-ordinator for B.C.) are heading back to Vancouver, while myself , Karen (marketing and communications) and Kelly (community advance and regional co-ordinator for the Prairie provinces) are subbed in back to the relay.

Who could resist?

After a 1 1/2 hour commute from Toronto to Niagra Falls, it is nice to get back home again! (Even if it is for only 2 nights) I can hardly wait til morning, Niagra Falls is right outside the window!

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