Saturday, October 7, 2017

Reelin it in....

I like right place, right time. I started the week back down in Coal Harbour waiting to pick-up cast. The sun was just coming up and I think I managed to corral it into this street lamp.
On the week-end it was a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery. My daughter and I talked about seeing the Monet exhibit for months. It was here for only one more week, so it was time to get to it.

There was also an exhibit of the Canadian artist Emily Carr.

I have never been much of an art aficionado but I really enjoyed viewing his work. (this one was "the Japanese bridge."

rose trellises at Giverny

many fine examples of his remarkable works

I loved this one, the "water lilies." 
Outside the Art Gallery at Robson Square.

Twas a fine day. We went for a walk down by the water close to Canada Place and the convention centre. 

Looking east towards the Port of Vancouver.

anddddddddddd back to work.... Today Bob, our illustrious wardrobe truck driver, was thrown into cast driving duties. (He doesn't like doing it, so of course I had to tease him about it.)

Heading downtown, traffic was heavy on Cambie, so a bit of change over to Yukon Street to get towards the Cambie Bridge.
two days later, another glorious September morning down at Coal Harbour

Looking across towards Stanley Park

I gave myself a bit of time to explore, and I came across this pedestrian bridge by Stanley Park. I see something up on that tree...

a heron, probably taking in the sights as we are taking in the heron as one of the sights.
a beautiful morning looking east towards Mount Baker from my balcony

Sony pictures sent congrats, after the first episode of the Good Doctor aired to good ratings. (after the second episode aired, the show was picked up for another 5 episodes). 

Meanwhile, Ritsue sent me a pic that shows Hiroshima is having equally as wonderful fall weather. 

Hear hear!

That is a cruise ship city right there.

I got it!

This dude is well on his way...

so much in this picture

another example of a selfish driver

how how how

ahhh, that's me, hopefully not to the same end.....

uhh, holiday road???/

after, I hope there is a mass therapy session

oh alright, you win......

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