Thursday, July 6, 2017

Miscreants and Misfits.

Morley moose hopes everyone had a wonderful Canada day! Happy 150th!
Surprise, the thyme my kids gave me for father's day is doing ok.

Recently, I received some pictures from the past. omg, looks like I had a little chip on my shoulder driving the big rigs, lol.

Day 1 of filming on the Misfits pilot found us in the Mount Pleasant on Main Street. The work trucks became part of the neighbourhood today.

the weather is warming up, it's key to find some shade while you wait on set...

our circus (base camp) was at the Tapestry lot by Main Street and National. We complain about the dust, but soon this will be another location we will not have access It will be a hospital in the near future.

Heading south up Main Street towards set.
Fellow cast driver and Teamster Jim, looking way too comfortable in the producer's Jag.

After all the times we scouted this location, we finally filmed at the old Burnaby Youth Correctional Centre.

Peaks and valleys on this job. There are the exciting and busy times, then there are the down times. This was one of them. I got a little bored, enough to take a pic of the horn symbol on the steering wheel of my cast car.

I thought it was interesting that this facility once had a pool.
Fellow Teamster Rob looking all bad ass in his black cable truck. This one stands out as most of the ones that supply the electrical lines to power up the sets are white.

Omg! A blast from the past. I recently went through some boxes I had stored at my sister's place and I found a very cheezy ad from my old real estate days.

A new view as I await the director and director of photography. (They went for coffee at the Bel café at the hotel Georgia Rosewood.)

Out of my comfort zone! The director invited me to watch some of the action on set. A sweet gesture, but I started to get a little claustrophobic
It was cool watching the set up for the scene. The camera will travel low along those tracks as the actors run across the courtyard.

In my opinion, the finest caterers in Vancouver, Rain City Catering. Head chef Jon was working his magic on these beef steaks.

Unbelievable! The tomato plant my kids gave me for father's day is bearing fruit! (all without my lack of a green thumb)

Later in the week, we were at Tannery Park in Surrey.
This little oasis borders so many industrial sites, including lumber yards, and metal recyclers.

A different water view. Looking from set across the mighty Fraser river towards New Westminster.

Sand dunes in Surrey??? Well, I took the picture, it must be true! (it seemed to be a commercial pit of some kind. There was a lot of machinery down below)

Lots to soak in looking across the Fraser River towards New Westminster.
Once again, when you have a little down time it makes you focus on the things you wouldn't normally care about.

While I stood by for the director, I had the rare (not that amazing) chance to watch the crew put up the lunch tent! Woohoo!

Only 1 hour of my life I will never get back....

Later in the week we were filming at a couple of house in the Commercial Drive area of East Vancouver.

later in the hot afternoon, ((we are not used to the 28 degree Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit )), we were melting on East Hastings street by the old Astoria Hotel.

We had four move on the Friday. It was gruelling, but the cast and crew persevered. Everyone was on edge by the time we got to our final locale at Deer Lake in Burnaby. The change of scenery was just what we needed as everyone's core temperature started to chill.
The mood started to change, led by the director. Of course we were in awe, she was walking on water!

The odds, we only had 3 background performers on set tonight, and Edrocker was one of them! He is arguably the most well know extra in Vancouver. Click here to view the blogs of his adventures.
after our filming week, there was still work to do. The director and director of photography wanted to go to the following weeks locations to better prepare themselves. We went back to the Van Tech high school, where the majority of this pilot will be shot. (my director/cast ride is hunkered down in the shade)

Well, not to shout out, but the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty good.

This swallow chick is a poser!
on the web this week

I do not blame them!


Clever, but I don't think I would like sour oranges, even if they were free.

Yah, that's Canada, even the thieves are polite!

So, a lot of cast live close to this "club". I thought it was funny it was so close to home. A lot of history at the Penthouse club, though. Check it out.

Right! What a smart idea.

as raw as it gets

hell ya!

so, out of sheer morbid curiosity, I googled this story. Sad, awesome, way to go girl, you are making money from being plastic. The live air and light was a real thang, but she did not last long. With a little more plastic, she could become a lego sensation.

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