Saturday, July 15, 2017

Misfits starting to fit in.

The new improved side mirror convex pic of our filming location at Van Tech high school in Vancouver. Loving the camera on the Samsung S8.
Half way through filming the pilot of the ABC North American version of the successful British t.v. series Misfits. (a shot of the British cast).
Our Misfits cast include Ashleigh, Tre, Jake, and Allie (honestly, I do not know how much I can reveal,)
and the final and fifth cast member is Charlie. These kids have been the most fun and respectful actors I have ever had the privilege of driving.
So, I was going through some old boxes I had stored at my sister's place, and I came a cross a birthday card they gave me many moons ago. So if you like corny, cheezy, dad humor, zoom in on these groaners!

My duties this week include picking up the film drives from the previous day's filming. This drive is 8 terabytes! My brain is not computing this.

Coming down Clark Drive heading downtown. Another great view as you head downtown.

We spent a lot of time this week at Van Tech, one of the location we scouted in prep. So much time that day stretched into night, that's the moon up there, not the sun.

Friday night, we were filming just off the iconic Commercial Drive in Vancouver. If you look closely, you will still not understand why there is a lock on this gate.

Finally, fellow Teamster and good friend Tracey graced us with his presence. I talked him into coming out late on a Friday night to help us move the trucks to our location for next week. It was worth a lot of belly laughs.

 End of the work week, starting to get light as I get home at 4 a.m. ahhhh, let's sing that familiar tune....
another Fraturday, fraturday, fraturday..........
on the web this week, I did not investigate, but I'm darn curious to know where this insanity is.

um, I know some people claim about the same view all the time, but...
(I feel like the house is facing the wrong way?)

omg, get off the cart, one step at a time...

funny this old school cartoon is probably judged

being in the film industry, I really appreciate this shot from the Star Trek set.

this guy's timing was a slam dunk (groan)

who what when where how and sometimes why

I think Roo is no stranger to selfies.

Holy doppleganger batman!

Their glasses are definitely half full.

as is their's



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