Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Misfits final prep week.

A very busy week prepping for the ABC t.v. pilot Misfits, base on the successful British series.
When I did have some down time, I found myself under the sky-train bridge at the studio in Burnaby. (It was getting very warm by the end of the week, and this was the only shade I could find on the lot.)
Quite a surprise this past father's day. My kids showed up with plants for my balcony. (including tomatoes, thyme, peppers, and lavender). Now let's see if Mr. no green thumb can keep them alive.

The final tech survey of all of the shooting locations was on Tuesday. It included all of the department heads, as well as producers, d.o.p. and the director. We were back at the Willingdon Youth Correctional Centre. Here the rules were very strict.

checking out the roof.

and hanging out on East Hastings street

a final check of some of the residences being considered for the pilot 

all in the east Vancouver area
this isn't one of them, but I thought it was a cool old building.

not many other jobs let you hang out in the finest alleys in Vancouver

the department heads and exec checking out the old R.C.M.P. training facility

I'll be good, I promise, let me out! (besides, who's going to drive the bus?)

a roof top party and I wasn't invited

end of the line! We pulled into Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, but I had to let everybody out short of our destination.

This used to be such a beautiful spot, but unfortunately, the Canada goose population has left a real poopy mess!

12 hours later, we had most of the survey locations ticked off.
beautiful evening from my balcony on the longest day of the year.

and an equally beautiful morning the next day.

Many businesses are part of the film industry. I often pick-up small items for the sound department at Trew Audio in Burnaby. In 2015 the film productions spent 2 billion dollars in British Columbia

This week I had to go the yet unfinshed hospital set of season one of the Good Doctor out in Coquitlam. After Misfits, I will be on this show for the rest of the year.

Scouting a location for the Good Doctor. Today it was the impressive architecture of the city of Surrey's city hall.

and the equally impressive Surrey library. Behind is a lot of new condo development going on.

Look up, look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up!
back in my hometown of Penticton, Okanagan Lake is finally starting to recede. Such a mess left to clean up!

kudos and god speed, omg!

yah, good luck with that one


one of those I wish I thought of that

Super Dad!

small victories

could be one of the most incredulous things I have seen

oh no, wait, it's this one...

wait a minute.........


too dumb to be scared?

just Joburg??? Never mind, it is all of them.

high heels training????

is this "toy" car road worthy?

I got nothing..

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