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As one show, "code name Campbell", was wrapping up season 2, I was off to the airport to pick-up the director for our next project. It is a pilot, a North America re-make of a successful British series called "Misfits."
Lots of cabs at the airport taxi stand waiting for their turn to proceed to the terminal. This is where I have to phone to get my parking stall to pick up the director.
Last time I was here, there were no cabs here at all.
round and round, back down Cambie St. the next day to pick up the director for Misfits from her hotel.

another one of my many duties, picking up a piece for the camera department (not sure what) from Sim Digital in Burnaby. They supply complete camera packages for many of the shows filming around the Vancouver area.

Move back over to Campbell, one of our shooting days on the last episode of season 2 was at the Orpheum theatre in Vancouver.
The background performers (in the front left for this scene) had to move from section to section depending on which way the camera was facing.

The camera was on the two actors on stage, no need for the background performers in this one.
Meanwhile, outside the Orpheum, the rain was back.

Another day on Campbell, this time at the old Canada Post building on Georgia. Our staging area was beside the now silent humongous mail sorting machinery and many, many conveyors.

Our circus (base camp) was at the Concorde Pacific property on False Creek. Today we were having a stare down with the many trucks that haul the gear for the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert that was in town tonight.

Another enjoyable duty, picking up the rental vehicle, a very beefy Dodge Challenger, for one of the execs.

Ok, we have finished filming "Campbell". I guess I can let the cat out of the bag so to speak. We were filming season 2 of the Netflix series Haters Back Off. This is starring Colleen Ballinger, who is the You Tube sensation Miranda Sings. On our last episode, another you tube star, Frankie Grande was in the house.

My dear friend in Japan sent me this picture of this grotesque caterpillar. Very similar to the ones I remember from the Okanagan Valley where I grew up. Until now I had no idea they morphed into a beautiful swallowtail butterfly.
Where am I? Oh yes, back on the new show, Misfits. We (director, locations manager, 1st ad, unit and production managers as well as the production designer ) spent a lot of time this week scouting out older houses in Vancouver. This one was close to the Kerrisdale neighbourhood.

Now we have moved to the artsy neighbourhood of Strathcona.

Strathcona as well.

onto East Vancouver. I learned a lot about what it takes to find the locations that will suit the show. So many variables.
Also in East Vancouver, not a scouting location, but while I waited, I noticed a very resourceful neighbour. Take a look, they have bee hives up on their garage roof, bravo!

Random, sad, when you wait, you notice the little things, shot.

We ended up back at the Willingdon Youth Correctional facility, wow, I can't get over the fact that juveniles actually spent time here back in the day. (closed since 2002)
I bet a lot of commuters that travel up and down Willingdon don't even know it's there.

Then back to the hoods of East Vancouver.

As I sat waiting in the Commercial Drive district, I had a view of downtown Vancouver.

This funky coffee shop is just off of Fraser Street in East Van.
The stairs to the apartments above.

Junior made a trip back home to the Okanagan, and in honor of his grand-father, who passed last year, he brought back a bottle of his home made wine, which he was well known for. (lol, good or bad, depending on who you talked to)
It was a fine toast, and then the rest went down the drain.........
Was in the greatest regard.

As I drove the director around for the next show, I happened to catch a glimpse of her on a very famous t.v. series.

I showed her the pic, she got a good chuckle out of it..
back to finding the perfect home (for the t.v. pilot)

and then back to Haters Back Off for the season wrap. This show was so much fun.

A crazy week for me, now back scouting on Misfits. This time looking south on Main St.

Then we were off to North Vancouver to scout a waterfront set. A good view of Vancouver, and an even greater view if the sulphur piles in North Vancouver.
I'm learning scouting is exhausting, and breaks are needed. La Casa Gelato on Venables was the answer today.

Our last scout of the week was Tannery Park in Surrey, which had an awesome view of downtown New Westminster.

Our wrap days of Haters Back Off took us to the set of Riverdale in Langley. This is not the Pop's Chock'lit shoppe I remember from the old Archie comics I read as a kid.

Next stop was one of the old R.C.M.P. training facilities, up on Heather Street and 37th Ave. in Vancouver.

My camera pic of one of the windows, funky...

this sky shot is actually another one of the windows on the building.

The last stop for the week was at Vancouver Tech high school on Broadway. It was interesting to be part of the start of a project, I learned a lot about the hard work and the passion these film people put into the careers they love.
So I was rummaging through some boxes of junk I have accumulated over the years and I found this comic I kept from an old comic strip called the Wizard of Id . That Bung, what an actor!
Not my way of proving my manhood, just sayin.....

hoax? I would say yes.

well who wouldn't want to find a spot for this piece of art on their mantle?

sorry, this is not art, it could be a cry for help. (my opinion)

as my brother-in-law always says, "stay cool and you wont get hot"

looks like a hideous win-win to me.

the joy in this man.......

so, in my ex hood in Summerland, B.C. there is a beach in a suburb called Trout Creek. On a normal summer day, you can almost walk out to this light beacon at Powell Beach. The record water levels on Okanagan Lake are finally starting to recede.
holiday road

If you remember, you are as old as me, ha ha!

makes me think of the
George Costanza "pool" episode on Seinfeld.

sorry to those I have offended

cannot prove this one, hard to believe, though

1st pic is cooler, second pic is really cooler.

lucky photographer on this one

moral of the story: don't grow up!


well, I guess if that's your thing

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evolution 101


this must be my doppleganger!

super dad

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dumb ass

proof that cat's don't care

well uhhhh, wow, whouda thunk it

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