Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prepping the Misfits

Oh man! The director brought in doughnuts today! I just had to try a bacon doughnut. Not bad, a unique combination of sweet and salty.
Went out for dinner with the kids last week-end, and walked it off at Burnaby Lake.

Its a gorgeous spot, right beside highway 1. (but you can't see it from the highway, I'm sure people drive by every day and don't even know it's there.)

I'll figure the selfie thing out one day.

I tried to take pics that don't show the high rises that surround the lake.

mama mallard guarding her new ducklings

Another day, another new chapter in my daily duties. I had to take this hat for one of the actors of Haters Back Off from the production office to a downtown location.

also on my rounds, a trip to North Shore Studios in North Vancouver. I see one of the productions is ramping up for some action.

Out scouting locations again for the ABC t.v. pilot "Misfits." I love the creative mind. They were thrilled with this location underneath the Iron Worker's Memorial bridge.
and back to the old Burnaby Youth Custody centre, I'm sure not all the youth that served time there were "Misfits."

and a shot of my ride, this 15 passenger Ford Transit, outside of the old R.C.M.P. training facility.

and back to Deer Lake in Burnaby, watch your step, the Canada goose poop was everywhere!

our last stop, trying to find the right water local, was Central Park in Burnaby.
the next day, we took a peek around downtown Vancouver...I was staged across from the iconic Hotel Vancouver....

we were looking at the Vancouver Art Galllery.....

another first, I had to pick-up jewellery at Tiffany and Company on Burrard Street. I have never felt less comfortable at any store I have ever been in. Too fancy shmancy for me!
then back scouting locations, these homes were close to our location, wow, I hope you love your neighbours....

the end of the week, my daughter and I headed down to the same neighbourhood to check out a street festival and yard sale. It was very close to Chinatown, so we took a look-see.

a lot of history here, but some of the shops are slowly changing to a modern, present day, not a Chinatown feel...

I was mesmerized by the selection in some of the shops

....I spent a lot of time looking at this offering, I can't read Chinese, so I can just imagine......

in the heart of Chiantown, the Brixton on Georgia was far from the Chinatown feel,.... but the Beef quesadilla was amazing....
Pics on the web, omg, this picture really moved me.

does he really want all that, or just because it's an impulse thing...

The dog is either extremely disciplined or drunk.

Holy! We all want winter to be over, but this is a little extreme.

Having a transport background, and not to bore the people who do not know transport, I had trouble with this picture. Those trucks have to move in sync or the monster truck will move, just sayin........
I vote staged.

every city should have a moon street

O Canada!

should be a kompleet suksess!

money better spent?

way to go boys!

just clarify, sick, not sic


really? was she ok?

poor girl

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