Sunday, May 7, 2017

can you tell me how to get, how to get to everall street.

A couple of extra days off from the my job on the t.v. production "Campbell", gave me a chance to be a bit of a tour guide. A dear friend of mine from Japan came for a visit. Of course the first stop was Everall Street in White Rock. (It's really only important to me, and I suppose the people that live on the street. It is named after my grand-parents, who were earlier settlers here.

We also had a chance to pay respects to my grand parents while we were there.

We lucked out, a very sunny spring day as we strolled the beaches of White Rock.

gorgeous view of Semiahmoo Bay
I remember years ago, it was all fishing boats that were dock at the end of the White Rock Pier. Now it is all sailboats.

It was a great day

The actual granite, painted white rock. It's not quite a grand as you would think it would be.

random, it always sucks when you break the first of your new wine glasses, shot
back at work, a little change of scenery, driving towards set on Esplanade in North Vancouver

Our circus was parked at the foot of Fell Ave. A very impressive view of Burrard Inlet and the City of Vancouver

As always, day stretches into night on our long filming days. In my rear view mirror I can see the infamous rain towers, making a whole of water for one of the scenes tonight.

I have personally experienced the misery of a rain tower, when I was a background performer on the movie "Watchmen."

We also spent four days at one of my favourite shooting locations, Riverview Hospital.

Of course it was for hospital scenes. This team we were at the east lawn building.
I tried taking a picture of the blossoms, but on my phone it didn't seem bright enough. It doesn't look much better taking the pic through my sunglasses, either.
On the web this week. He's certainly outdone himself.

alrighty then


reminds me of my kids....

that's just unbelievable

happy birthday to you..............

the new reality

someone help this person

uh ya, it's a real place....

okay, I get it, what ever it takes to get 'em in the door.

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