Sunday, May 28, 2017

Campbell, block 3, Morton hears a who?

The week started with a Starbucks run on my way to pick up cast downtown in Vancouver. So the girl asks me my name, and I reply Monty, and I even spelled it out for her. M-O-N-T-Y.
Maybe I just look like a Morton, I don't know.
If you ever get a chance to go to the River's Reach pub in New Westminster, Saturday night is prime rib night!

I got taken off my cast driving duties to move this Gruman beast for the special effects department. It was quite an adventure, it has a tendency to wander when you least expect it, yikes!

A shout-out to all the mothers out there on the past Mother's day. (Including my mom, who has passed, but will always be fondly remembered.)

Trip number ????? through the car wash on Gilley with my cast vehicle
This week we shot at a Super-Valu grocery store in Port Coquitlam. I wonder how much it costs to use a fully functioning food market for a day?

My view in the rain as we waited to wrap our day, behind the camera truck on Shaughnessey St. in Poco.

The next day, outside of our shooting location in North Vancouver, I think our rainy season is behind us.
They have used this house for both seasons of the show I cannot talk about, and this was as close as I was allowed to the action with my cast car.

Waiting to pick-up cast down by False Creek in Vancouver.

This was a frazzling day for me, I had to cross the Lion's Gate bridge between Vancouver and North and West Vancouver a whopping 8 times. Believe me, the traffic was not always going in my favor. (Those who drive it daily know exactly what I'm talking about.)

Our week ended back at our stages in Vancouver. The work truck for special effects, grips, electrics, camera, and props are going to be parked here for over a week as we end the third and start the fourth block (8 episodes) for season 2.

My last duty for the week was returning this "stylish" suit back to our wardrobe department. I was dismayed that it was not my size. (insert unsettling flashback to the disco era here)

double yup
so clever

Old man and the sea is pumped!

I really hope she was okay

Ahhhhh,t's not too late!

I drove truck for years, I cannot even fathom how this happened. (unless he needed to water the horse???)

how fast was this dude going with his dump box up?

Go big or go home? (I really wanted to say "big sled, small popsicle", oops, did I say that out loud?)

"ours not to reason why......"


triple ditto
This happened close to Vancouver in a place I have visited and filmed at many times, Steveston   It was very scary to watch, thankfully the little girl is okay.
The You Tube video has over 26 million views. If you have not seen it, here is a link to the video. .  

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