Friday, May 19, 2017

Campbell, what's on the menu this week......

Another week on season 2 of "Campbell." (The show I cannot talk about )
Once again, a few minutes to enjoy the view of Burrard Inlet towards the North Shore Mountains, waiting to pick up the director.

We are so spoiled in the film industry. On this particular day, this was our lunch menu from our caterers, "Kitchen Wisdom."
We get breakfast and lunch on filming days, and the menu is always changing.

Fellow Teamster brother Ward contented after the feast.

We spent 4 days at Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam.

Less than 5 minutes from the freeway, a little peaceful greenspace at Riverview.
On one day last week, the temperature climbed to 25 degrees Celsius.......

but by 6 p.m., the clouds started rolling in....

and within 2 hours, we had torrential, albeit warm, rain, thunder and lightning, and a nice, but cool, sunset.
the tradition of Friday Hawaiian has returned to our production, more crew joining in every week. (and that is about all I can show from the show, it played in the first season) 

Once again, day turns to night in the film world. A little different spending the evening at an elementary school in Vancouver

Also this week, I had my voter card in hand as I headed out to the local community center to vote in the election.

A small feeling of violation today, as I went out to my car, only to find out someone had backed into it. Disappointing to not see a note on my windshield.

A bit of a change of scenery as I awaited one of the executive producers doing some banking by Renfrew and 1st.

Also had a little time to have a coffee with my brother, who works at Carnegie Centre in Vancouver. That's ground zero on the east side, where many of the homeless and drug addicted spend their days. The stained glass windows are part of the building.

Back at our studio in Burnaby, across the road from us at the Bridge Studios, another t.v. series, Lost in Space, is in full production.
just another rainy day in Vancouver

I call it, "light reflecting the rain onto my dashboard" (one of my "slower" moments of the day as I was waiting for wrap.)

should be anytime now.........

Coming down Boundary road looking towards the north shore mountains, the week ended with a hint the weather may be changing for the better.
revisiting some Far Side gold.

I looked this up after it became a topic of conversation at work...
I'm really trying to keep an open mind on this one.

good job, after  all, safety doesn't take a holiday....

This was a couple of weeks ago when he was in Vancouver filming his new movie, "Hard Powder"

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