Saturday, April 29, 2017

Campbell, week 2

Ahhhh, who knows where the road will take us on week 2 of the film production "Campbell". (I promise to find out next week if I can reveal more about this show that is in it's second season.
A festive scene at the Sutton Place hotel. It was a 4:30 a.m. start to pick-up the director.

A tough shooting day for the crew on this day out in Surrey. The weather kept changing from cloud to rain, to sun, and then repeat the cycle. We even had thunder and lightning at one point.

round and round,  heading north back down Cambie St. towards downtown to pick-up cast.

Another day, another neighbourhood to take over. This time, it was a condo just off of Marine drive in Vancouver, close to the Fraser River.
Every once in awhile I have to show off how spoiled we are by our caterers. Pasta, with egg plant and swiss chard, mnnnnnn.

Looking back down the street, lots going on, including the catering trucks. I'm always impressed with the locations department, who secured the approval of the many neighbours. Filming tonight went until 11 p.m.

Later in the week when I was at the Sutton Hotel, I saw many, many firefighters. Turns out they were there for a funeral for a fellow firefighter, Robert Rosenlund. It was a moving sight.
A whole world within the confines or the productions base camp. (aka circus)

Our week continued at the Boundary Bay Airport, 30 minutes south of the Vancouver city limits.

Well, well, well. I'm pretty sure we are still in Canada.

When else do you get to hang out on the tarmac? Yes, only with special permission. (the film industry allows me many perks.)
another perk. after a show ends, there  can be a set sale. This can include wardrobe, hardware, some construction materials, and items used to decorate a set. This was a big sale at Vancouver Film studios for the shows Bates Motel, Impastor, and Girlfriend.'s  Guide to Divorce.
and you got a fine from the video store if you didn't rewind

That should be a very quick photo op

practicing for global warming?


1. what you can't see can hurt you?
2. what you don't know wont hurt you?
3. Ignorance is bliss


there's an act I'm not paying to see....

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