Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Last week was a busy week as we finished filming the ABC t.v. pilot Doomsday.
My cast vehicle didn't sit in my underground for very long, before the start of our next project.

The last two days of filming on Doomsday were in downtown Vancouver. First we were at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

What a great venue. I'm looking forward to seeing Phantom of the Opera here again in July.

Outside looking east toward the Vancouver Playhouse.

Looking west towards our catering and lunch tents, with the CBC building across the street.

There's Teamster brother Rob, who was given the task of parking the producer's Jaguar. (not sure he needed to go around the block 5 times to do it, though, haha)
One of my favourite drives, down Cambie St. towards downtown. I never get tired of the view of the city as you go across the Cambie bridge.

One of our filming days was in this idyllic neighbourhood in Richmond.

The rest of the day was spent at the BCIT Aerospace campus in Richmond.

in my mirror, I can see the sun setting on another show..

The last day of filming on Doomsday was downtown at the Vancouver Public Library.

Confusion abounds at the Concorde Pacific parking lot, where we had our base camp. There was also 3 other shows on the grounds. Actors, background performers and crew were having trouble figuring out where to go.

The last scene of the pilot was outside of the library. Here the cast (Rachelle Lefevre, Claire Holt, Jack Davenport, Taye Diggs, Dan Bird, Rochelle Aytes, and Justin Chatwin) are rehearsing under the watchful eye of the director. (Joachim Ronning, who recently directed the next Pirates of the Caribbean)

Heavy NYPD presence in Vancouver tonight. (the light above is actually a helium filled balloon)

Then, it was over. The next morning I was downtown by the Olympic cauldron, waiting to pick up cast for my next gig, a Netflix comedy code named Campbell.
Always love coming to see this view of the inlet, Stanley Park, and the North Shore mountains.
Back at the studio, fellow Teamster cast driver Steve, tried his hand at driving the big rigs.
When your prepping for a show, you never know where your going. First I was cruising through Chinatown on my way to pick up the director.....

......then I was picking up another driver way out in Mission. (a nice view of the Fraser River and a railway bridge.)

Haha, to me, this looked like a rail bridge that was not used very much, but I was wrong. I needed to get off the bridge, one of many trains while I was there was on the way within 5 minutes

random web shots, this cannot go well.
I'm a huge Seinfeld fan, that is a very, very cool shot.

uhhh, at least the sun is shining?

has to be a Vancouver in March story

so true

I hope this pic is stage, jeez louise!

I am very glad I am not on this ship

nothing wrong with this picture

really? so many questions.

Just some good ole boys, never meaning no harm...... (lyrics taken from the Dukes of Hazzard)

only my opinion, what a complete waste of money!

tater express

freedom of expression

uhhh, maybe you should rethink your career choice

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