Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The golden city

Every once in awhile you are in the right place at the right time. We were in our 3rd week of filming the t.v. pilot Doomsday, and part of our day was at Spanish Banks in Vancouver. A golden view of downtown Vancouver, the setting sun to thank.
The week started at the Casa Mia mansion on S.W. Marine in Vancouver. This infamous home has been used for many productions over the years. Click here to learn the history.

only a 20 minute drive from downtown

Looking west out over Burrard Inlet

random, hard to see, stopped at the light take a look at the reflection of my cast vehicle shot.

Not much to show this week, we spent most of it at the studio. Because we are shooting a pilot, I am really limited to what I can post online. So instead, here is a shot of my Ahi Poke bowl I had at Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village. 

Its been a long time since me and the kids have gotten together with my brother and his girls. Good times!
Online this week, not much to see here?

Once bitten , twice shy?

What have we become????

Learn from this dog.

1. When pigs can fly.......
2. what goes up, must come down.

uhhhh, to me, not so funny


go big or go home

??? Really?

let's hope no one comes home right now

trust level above my pay grade

Never mind the obvious, who would leave their feet in a puddle of water anyways?

Well if one goes down , you can bet the other is going down with him

Thinking outside of the box???

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