Sunday, March 5, 2017

Timeless really is endless

Could it be true? Spring may have finally arrived in Vancouver.......

but wait, one week later, is that fresh snow I see on the North Shore mountains
and then reality set in at 630 a.m. this morning. and as I write this blog tonight, the winter wonderland continues, good times.
I was sequestered back to the t.v. show Timeless, wahhhhhhhh, it's never going to end. This time we were there to help the different departments vacate the studio. Fox has the rights, and they will be shooting a Seth Rogan comedy pilot in the space that Timeless occupied.
less than a month ago, this was what was going on the very same stage
but at another studio in Burnaby, things are just starting to evolve for a pilot I will be working on called "Doomsday".

part of our Timeless duties took us to another locale, Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, rumoured to be filming Deadpool 2 soon.

when you have to vacate a studio, you must find storage for all of the things used in filming in case there is a season 2. This is the red barns at the P.N.E.
and  we definitely took advantage of every inch.
random, cool window at the red barns, shot.
back at the Timeless studio, irony. The only things left in the south stage are the vehicles that were used in season 2 of Wayward Pines, which we filmed last spring, huh.
and all of this, the Mason industry set of Timeless.......
a calendar present from my daughter, uhh thanks????

my kids and their apps, charming
web shots, patience of god

just missing the water

Well, Bob's glass is half full ..

dog has a right to be a little p'od

speechless, ummm, that would be too close for this guy's comfort

psychedelic or a pride supporter

really?  this and the next 2 are mischannelled but ingenious

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