Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Timeless finally did end. (at least for me). It was time to head back downtown to pick-up cast, but this time it was for a t.v. pilot for ABC and Sony, called Doomsday. Click on this link to learn a little more about the cast and the story. It stars Rachelle Lefevere,  Claire Holt, Jack Davenport, Taye Diggs, Dan Byrd and Rochelle Aytes.

A different cast pick up today, the heli-port in Vancouver. Great view of the city of Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.

Also, across from the port of Vancouver
360 view
Most of the week was spent on prepping for the pilot. Finally on Saturday we started filming in an underground garage in downtown Vancouver

The next day we were out on the street. This camera equipped drone was an integeral part of the days filming which involved an exploding building and two flipped cars. (It was a really cool scene, but, alas, I am not allowed to show any of it.)
up, up, and away, that drone can climb!

without giving the plot away, I can say, there was a bit of a police incident.
it was a short week, so let's go straight to the net.

proud mom, omg!

the next few shots are people who cleverly and strategically placed their library books for a photo op.


what fun

I feel the little ladders' frustration

makes me think of the old hot wheels race track

we're only human

heck, I would buy it just to be the 23rd

do it again!

the coop house or the poop house?

What would you think if you were in the next stall?

still cannot figure this one out

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