Thursday, April 20, 2017

Campbell, nothing to see here.

Our first day of filming on the show "Campbell" (code name, I cannot reveal the production's name, at least right now.). I have been driving the director , Brian Dannelly, and it was his idea for us all to have name tags to get to know who's who. The lettering choice is certainly a conversation starter.
because I can't show much about the t.v. series, I feel the next few blogs may be a little lacking in new content.
The first day of filming took me back downtown to Jack Poole Plaza and the Olympic cauldron as I awaited my director pick-up

It's so busy, it is hard to find studio space. We are using part of a building supply warehouse on the Lougheed highway for some of our interior scenes.

but our offices are at the Bridge Studios, home of the Disney t.v. series Once Upon a Time. Here is a shot of all of the picture cars they use, now on hiatus until next season.

Headed downtown to pick-up something for the director at his hotel room, I think this is just an ok view from his room.

back at our circus Teamster brothers Dino and Rocky where strategizing our move to our next filming location in Surrey.

another neighbourhood taken over by a very, very busy film industry in Vancouver. (with no end in sight)

We did get a very appreciated 3 day Easter week-end.
web pics this week, this can't end well

makes me think of Wal-Mart

has to be staged

never got enough attention as a child?

that's a cruiser right there driver!

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