Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wayward Pines, Half Way Home!

Filming  back out in Langley, finally, a place I may be able to afford! (the real estate market in the Vancouver area is out of control) Check out this news story from the Globe and Mail, and this story in the New York Times.
A moment close to downtown Vancouver. The end of the fifth episode of Wayward Pines will be finished at the end of this week, only 5 more to go for season 2.

across the street, the Seabus is taking people across to North Vancouver.

I bet a lot of people don't know about these tracks that run parallel to the north end of Gastown and the downtown core.
the shadow knows....

back on the farm in Langley, amazing, only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. This location is great as long as the sun is shining and its not raining!

This episode has a lot of big scenes with lots of actors. (Tonight we had 10 trailers at the base camp (each holding 2 or 3 actors)
At night, with the artificial light, filming a scene involving the growing of crops outside of Wayward Pines. (the town is running out of food, and for some reason the soil in town is contaminated.)

round and round, back downtown, and a sighting of the 2nd cruise ship of the season.

Later in the week, base camp was back at the Wayward Pines main street set in South Burnaby. Nice day for the wardrobe department to air out some of the costumes.

random, standing by, bored, picture of my jeans shot
I was parked around the corner by set, close to a strip mall, and what did I see in my rear-view mirror.

I think I counted 13 chicks following mama mallard

later in the week, the view from my cast car sun roof, the Wayward Pines Hospital. (Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam)
One of the actresses son came to set with a Calvin and Hobbes book, man did that bring back memories, I used to love that comic strip.

a serene setting outside of the Wayward Pines hospital.

one of my errands this week was picking up hip waders for some of the crew for a scene we will be filming next week. Apparently they will be shooting some of it in a river.
back to the stage and the production office for more errands, I came across this tiny little set, which was not there before. Must be for an upcoming scene.

Well where did that week go? Saturday morning around 3 a.m. at the farm in Langley. It was a cold 3 degrees Celsius, combined with the smoke machine (for atmosphere), and the smoke from burning corn crops, (part of the scene), it was quite a scene. (Those are crew in the picture, the scene itself is farther in)
I thought I would finish off with more web photos
I kinda feel for this guy

who would think to do this?

uhhhh, not cool

fair warning

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