Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wayward Pines, episdode 207

Day 1 on episode 207 of Wayward Pines. ((7th episode of the 2nd season, (although episode 203 hasn't filmed yet due to actor availability),  but episode 201 is set to air on Fox on May 25th.))
Today was not our first day at Widgeon Park out by Pitt Lake, only 1 hour from the downtown core of Vancouver.

The weather was amazing. Downtown Vancouver is just over the mountain, and we will enjoy the peace and quiet as long as the filming day goes.

Fox television has a strict no pictures on set policy. So I do not get to show you a picture of one of the stars of season two, Djimon Hounsou, but at least I can show his cast chair.
Stuck on the Dunsmuir viaduct. I haven't been going this way lately on my way to pick-up cast downtown, and now I remember why. (there are no exits)

Always something different in my day to day duties. I had to pick up at a special effects shop in Burnaby. This was a mask, fingers and ears for one of the "abby" creatures that will change Wayward Pines, and ultimately the world!????
Then it was back to E-One Moly Energy in Maple Ridge.
This is a full on research and development facility. Honestly, it was more interesting to check out building than it was to check out the Wayward Pines set in a far corner.

So many questions....

I sorta want to know, but it's okay if I don't get a long winded explanation
Outside, two of my favourite Teamster peeps, Craig and Stu (nicest Teamster in film), were hamming it up for my phone camera!

So, on the way home, I was initiated to the fraternity of the Pizza Farina. The executive producer/show runner/ head writer insisted on buying me a pizza, at what had become, the go to eatery on the way home from filming for himself and a director or 2.

and it was awesome....

late in the week, at the backlot of Wayward Pines, more unanswered questions..... (we will just have to watch the show)
They say there is no escape from Wayward Pines. I waited for my chance and booked it, cruising on the Coquihalla highway towards the Okanagan.


so much to see , except when your driving, (so my son was taking the pics)

and then you reach the summit and you are now in the ......
beautiful Okanagan Valley
a pit stop at the local beer and wine store in Sumerland, where my son had won this chair ,

probably my favourite view that I have seen in my life. Looking north from Penticton, up Okanagan Lake.

Saturday in Penticton includes a excellent famer's market, thousands attend every week-end.

nice to escape the film world. a nice lunch in Penticton at the Kettle Valley Station Pub.

and to read the local rag, in the valley I grew up in;

no trip to the homeland would be complete without a visit to see my sis and my brother in law in Summerland.  He is so proud of his recent accusation of a Honda chopper bike frame that he scored in Wenatchee, Washington. I do appreciate the artristy, don't you?

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