Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wayward Pines episode 203

The week started with us infiltrating the Coquitlam neighbourhood (again)  that doubles as Wayward Pines. After finishing episode 207 of Wayward Pines, (first episode of season 2 airs on Fox 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 25th.) we started on episode 203. (We shot the episodes out of sequence due to actor availability)

The week started at a familiar location, Riverview Hospital. Today we were using a different building that served as one of the Wayward Pines school buildings.

Outside of the Wayward Pines hospital. In my side mirror, I don't think 2 hour parking is long enough for this long shooting day.
Cooler weather this week as I waited for my exec pic across from the Pan Pacific hotel and the Vancouver convention center. 

Actually, the weather change was kind of refreshing. I bet the tourists were not as thrilled, though.

Cruise ship on the left..

and one on the right of the Pan Pacific.

Less than 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver we were back at the Blieberger Farm in Langley.
Things are not going so well again out at the farm. (It's ok, we are in make believe land, it's not a real person, just an effigy of one of the characters in the show, that's all I can say!)

It's a one lane road in and out, and it's always a traffic kerfuffle.
not so much of a kerfuffle at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve above North Vancouver.((many productions film here, affectionately known as the GVRD. (Greater Vancouver Regional District)).

another less than 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver and your in paradise site.

up ahead is where they filmed the first part of the day. (including, apparently, a tame deer, that also apparently, was important to that particular scene). They have animal wranglers that bring the deer in especially for scenes like this.

from where our circus (base camp) was I could see a film set from another show that shoots up here, the 100
Wayward cedars

could be worse ways to spend the day

Only one road into Wayward Pines, no roads out.........................
prime parking
crossing a bridge into the second set

this deer obviously wanted to be a star, too. It was not shy in front of my phone camera.

I had to go investigate the 100 set.
This gate is similar to the one that keeps people out of and mostly in Wayward Pines.
The North Shore mountains dwarf our base camp

Once in awhile I have to shake off the rust and remember my trucking roots. A few of us came in on Saturday to move the trucks that were curfewed in (11 p.m.) at the park to the studio in Burnaby. I was saddled up with the electrics truck.
more random web photos. this one? I would just abandon my car.


hang on!
is that real?


I always new cats were evil !

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