Monday, April 4, 2016

Welcome to Wayward Pines, Episode 204

Now and then the film industry takes me to some very special places. A great way to end the week was at Widgeon Marsh Regional Park north east of Coquitlam.
Episode 204 of Wayward Pines started with the sunny weather we have long been waiting for. This pic is downtown Vancouver looking northeast at the inlet and the container terminal.
The car thermometer was reading 20 Celsius by mid afternoon, nice!
one of the many duties, picking up and returning the ipads that have all the daily filming footage on them for the directors and producers to peruse.

deliveries and pick-ups for the camera department are part of my day as well.

its a cable, I know that much, but what its for?, above my pay grade.
This is about as much as I can show you of the Wayward Pines main street set in South Burnaby. The big blue screen at the end of the street can become many different vistas when the final product is aired. (for example, it could be mountains that you see in the actual show)

behind the scenes, the back of the one of the shops on Main Street Wayward Pines.
Random, saw it in the local paper, story.
Later in the week it was back to the Wing Wong nursery in North Burnaby..
One of the crops they were growing were snow peas, which if the gentleman told me correctly, are being grown for the leaves, which are popular in the Chinese diet.

Inside the greenhouse, very interesting plants. I'm not an expert, but could this be Brugmansia?
About face, back downtown again, this is across from the convention center looking into the downtown core.

There's the convention center in my rear view mirror.
and then Shazam!, back to Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam again.

The LX (lighting brothers) getting ready to shine some light on the scene.

One of the buildings at Riverview, I love the way the sun was shining into the stairwell.
Spring is here, it's blooming amazing!

Blink your eyes and we are gone again. This time we teleported ourselves back to the Coquitlam neighbourhood that doubles as Wayward Pines.

This time the lights are shining on one of the houses. As long as the scene takes, one lighting person has to stay up in the air in the lift bucket. Ahhhhhh, no thanks.
Random, pic on the web, shot. Is it real? Hmnnnn......
and then, one hour away from downtown Vancouver, our little piece of Wayward Pines paradise in Widgeon Park. (actually the scene is when some of the people go to investigate outside of the fences of Wayward Pines)

When I got out of the Flex and looked behind me and saw those mountains, I was awestruck.
so much to check out , so little time

and the skunk cabbage be a bloomin'
this stash of set decoration is actually being stored until the following week when we are back.

apparently the fishing in nearby Pitt Lake is the best in the lower mainland.

Looking back west, I can see a waterfall. Apparently there is a way to hike up to it.

Part of the days excitement. We had to stop filming for awhile, a bear showed up at set. (gee, I wonder why a bear fresh out of hibernation shows up on our set? Could it be our catering truck was cooking up a tasty fish and meat dinner for 150 people?) Eventually they had to shoot blanks to scare the bear away. (I could not get close of course, but the very large bear is the tiny black doe to the right of the tree in the middle of the shot.)

The film industry lights up the woods way better (or worse) than the silly old natural moonlight.

random web pic, goodnight!

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