Monday, April 11, 2016

Wayward Pines, Episode 204, 205, 202, and a bit of 201

Just another crazy week on Wayward Pines. There's a pic of David Pilcher (Toby Jones), the founder of Wayward Pines. We were filming episode 204, with missed shots from 201 and 202. (203 doesn't shoot until after 207, that's a long  story.) We also did one day for episode 205 (the logistics of this are above my pay grade!)
When I was at Vancouver International Airport picking up Toby Jones, I had a couple of minutes to check out the "Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Emerald Canoe" on the upper level of international arrivals.
routine, but not routine, back downtown to pick up cast, time to grab a coffee across from the convention center. (which is apparently holding the earth hostage)

pan to the right to the Pan Pacific Hotel
Well, I'm pretty sure I'm in Vancouver, but I am starting to feel like I'm stuck in Wayward Pines, Idaho, just like the residents.

One of the our filming days this week was at the Metro theatre in the south west end of Granville in Vancouver, on the border of Richmond. I have driven by this area hundreds of times on my way to and from the airport, and I have never noticed it.

I was noticing the traffic that I have been stuck in many times on the Arthur Laing bridge which takes you to the airport or the city of Richmond.
This is the extra's tent with all of their belongings. (they are inside the theatre as part of a crowd scene for a children's school play)

Later in the week our base camp (circus) was at the Concorde Pacific (future condo development on the site of the 1986 Expo world's fair.)

The boys are back in town.
One of our shooting locations today was at an office building on East Pender St. in Vancouver

across the street, I dunno, I'm not a tofu eater, but even if I was, how do you claim to be the superior tofu maker?

back at circus, a wonderful view across False creek towards Science World.
Later in the day it was a quick scene at an apartment on Homer Street.

back at the studio, the tombstone "graveyard" (now that's punny!) leftover from season one
the  moving truck logo. (get it?, it goes around in a square, because no one can leave Wayward Pines)

Meanwhile, behind the Wayward Pines main street set, the army vehicles are loaded up to go to the next location in Langley.

Which is the Blieberger farm set, (aka the "cornfields") where we spent a less than a idyllic night at a couple of weeks ago.

from rural farm to the Sutton, round and round we go

back at the stage, the construction team have built an impressive "abby" pit. (I wish I could show the inside, very impressive attention to detail)
the trade off of working a Saturday night was the fact we were back at Widgeon Park above Coqutilam.

Thank god my Ford flex had a good back up camera. It was about 1/2 a kilometre on a one lane road to set. I would, many times this evening, drive the cast to set, then back up the 1/2 k to a turn-around spot, then  back up all the way to set again so you were facing the right way when you had to travel. It became a lot trickier at night, which went on until about 4:30 in the morning.

and the crew were the biggest obstacles. Looking for hurdles next week!

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