Monday, April 18, 2016

Wayward Pines, episode 205

Random, visiting friends downtown Vancouver hotel room, pigeon outside their window, pic

must be an egg there somewhere
Continuing episode 205 of Wayward Pines. I found myself at the start of the week running an errand to North Shore Studios in North Vancouver, which is where we are not filming. (but shows like Impastor, 50 Shades of Grey sequel, and Zoo are filming there)

ahhhhh, the forgotten side street off the Main Street of our Wayward Pines set in South Burnaby.
Back at the Wayward Pines hospital for some more trauma and drama.

outside of the hospital (Riverview in Coquitlam), looking south
another duty of the cast driver, taking the wardrobe laundry to the dry cleaners at the end of the shooting day.

another day, another location. (the show seems to always be on the move) Today we were shooting at a home in North Vancouver.
Color everywhere.

across the street, a "burb" moment, the cast cars have found a new home in this North Van. neighbourhood.
back at the studio, the construction team is hard at work creating sets for future episodes. (I can't show inside, but it is an operating room complete with theatre

Omg, there he is! The construction shop grabbed a picture of Dr. Pilcher (Toby Jones), the founder of Wayward Pines, and stuck it on the second story to keep an eye on everyone.
coming south on Burrard Street in Vancouver towards the hotel for an actor pic for the elebenty-twelved time on this show.

back at the office, this machine makes the coffee for you, even provides screen images of beans and whisps of smoke. (it's convenient, but not the best cuppa joe)
day stretches into night, waiting for the day's shooting to wrap. I spy the "honey wagon" in my side mirror around the corner from Main Street Wayward Pines, Idaho.

The long and winding road! (okay, I stole that from the Beatles, but only because Paul McCartney is performing in Vancouver tomorrow night.)
but it is a long road into Widgeon Park north of Coquitlam, where we will spend our third Saturday night on this show.

And pavement turns into gravel

it's still a great drive. (imagine, less than an hour from Vancouver, you are leaving the worst traffic congestion in Canada, and maybe you may encounter one vehicle on your travels)

I stopped to take a picture of the forest, and I randomly came across this tree.

This is what I was trying to get a pic of, but the trees never really opened up enough to get a good shot.
Looking northeast at our base camp, wow

looking west at our base camp, dwarfed by the mountains behind.

look close, there was a fungus among us. (and day stretched into night again, and by 1130 p.m. Saturday night, our week was wrapped.)
random web pics

come on, is this photoshopped?

things have a way of balancing out

had to post this one, it was my first reflex

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