Monday, March 28, 2016

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2

I think that is a very fair warning, don't you?
Early start on Tuesday, the lights are still on in the office buildings around Pender and Thurlow in downtown Vancouver.
new and old collide around Burrard and Hastings downtown.
Okay, I spend a bit of time "standing by" in my cast driving gig on Season 2 of Wayward Pines. I thought, after 3 weeks of driving the car, it was time to get the owner's manual out on the Ford Flex. There are way to many buttons and touch screens for me to figure out on this vehicle.
One of the scenes in episode 2 will be shot at the Wing Wong nursery. (the obvious choice). In the show the town has to grow their own crops to survive. (It's tough in 4024 you know.)
We all love the many cherry blossoms in the Lower Mainland this time of year. (unless they stick to your car and make it look like a parade vehicle)
We seen to be a little cursed in Coquitlam. The area we use as the Wayward Pines neighbourhood seems to be a little cursed as far as weather is concerned. It had been rainy, actually poury? most of the time. Miserable on set and also at the "circus" (base camp)
later in the evening, all you could see was rain cascading down from the flood lights at the neighbouring sports fields.
Thursday's itinerary.
and the weather cleared for a day of shooting at the Wayward Pines (Coquitlam) neighbourhood.
Leaving my house heading west on Friday morning. A little fog, what were we in for today?
As I got to the hotel to pick-up on of the executive producers, it became clear to me. It was Good Friday. Of all the over 40 productions filming in Vancouver right now, I'm pretty sure we were the only one working on the holiday. (Evidence of the hotel parking lot, which is usually teeming with other cast and production vehicles. It was a lonely time this morning. (not really, it was a nice change of pace, there was little traffic as well. )
Back at the Wayward Pines studio, the finishing touches on the "faux" Wayward Pines main street.
Good Friday in Wayward Pines meant an evening of "harvesting the crops" at the Blieberger farms in Langley. (I have shot hear before, always nights, always muddy, and always cold!) It was a beautiful start to the day (night), thought. One road into set, the plywood is laid out, no going on the grass! (an impossible task)
it was grand in the afternoon, a nice oasis from the concrete jungle of the lower mainland.
and this is what needs to get done tonight. A lot more killing than harvesting, I must say.
Not the "abbies" (creatures of the night in Wayward Pines), this is some of the crew moving into the light!
Lots of light and smoke (atmosphere) . Unfortunately I cannot get close to the action. Tonight 4 stunt actors were lit on fire, and it was a closed set. I could see through the trees as flamethrowers torched our brave (crazy) stunties.
My view for a lot of the evening. I guy could start seeing things as the evening wore on. (5 a.m. wrap, a long night)
This was man made, still ominous
Sometimes the Galaxy S5 does not catch what I am looking at. This actually was the moon rising over the corn fields in the sleepy little town of Wayward Pines.
It was the Easter week-end.  This is one of my favourites.
These Easter bunny pictures are just down right frightening!

and just sad

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