Monday, March 14, 2016

Wayward Pines- Episode 201, week 2

No one had any idea what a tough week we were in for on week two of Wayward Pines season two. The Saturday night call sheet kind of sums it up. Start at 5 p.m. (1:30 p.m. start for me.) Lunch at 11 p.m.! Taillights at 6 a.m.! (that means we have to stop all work). Through in a time change, and some really rotten weather, and this was a week to forget.
It's my fault. My sense of foreboding started Tuesday morning as I waited for the director as the rain poured down.
Haha, someone does not know how to take a selfie. The only way to survive the film industry chaos is to get to the gym. Clears my brain as much as it benefits the body.
As close as I'll get to a golf game these days is to watch it at the gym on t.v.

A familiar alley. Except it is a movie set in South Burnaby leftover from the movie "the Watchmen". I remember using this alley a couple of years ago on a movie made from a video game, :Dead Rising". Now it adjoins the main street of Wayward Pines.

Outside the main street, the film crew gets a Jeep ready for a driving scene that will take place a couple of blocks over in a residential neighbourhood. The Jeep will be towed, with the camera crew and director on the truck that is towing it.
I had to go downtown and get something for one of the exec's on the show. What a nice view they have, I usually only get to see the view from parking lot level.
Looking out towards Burrard Inlet.
The week found us back at Riverview. The view from the base camp showed a lot of fresh snow on the Coast Mountains.
As part of my ever evolving duties, it was off to a seafood wholesaler in South Vancouver to pick up some salmon for the film crew lunch. The building was across from the Fraser River and close to this defunct railway bridge.
random, old time beer advertisement in a magazine, I found.
The actor's trailers were all lined up and ready, but the weather was not co-operating at the Wayward Pines main street set.
So plan b, c, d, e, f, .............etc., came into play this day. We move to our studio to film a couple of scenes inside that were meant for outside. The blue screen in the far background will transform the inside of the building to basically anywhere the production wants.
The week rolls on, back downtown, enough time for a coffee across the street from Canada Place and the Pan Pacific hotel.
A little greenspace on Burrard close to a lot of my actor, director and exec pick-ups.
More chores, this time picking up costumes at the wardrobe department and taking them to the wardrobe truck on set.
The theme of the week, dark, rainy and cold. This night was back at the Coquitlam neighbourhood that we spent a couple of nights at last week.
The catering on this show is one of the positives.
When I have the film drives at the end of the night, I know I am close to home. (funny driving home at 6:30 a.m. when the cars around you are all starting their Sunday.
The "circus" (base camp). We have circled the wagons at Robert Burnaby Park.
This is just the start of the filming day at the park. Mayhem will soon ensue, the truck will crash the prison gate, the "abbies" come out, people will be hurt and even die, and none of it is real? or is it? .
good night!

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