Sunday, November 1, 2015

the Magicians, episode 109.

Monday morning finds us in Stanley Park as we continue episode 109 of the Magicians. (The first episode will not air until the middle of January on the Syfy channel.
and evening found us still at Stanley Park.
We have set up camp for the day in a part of the park by the Aquarium. (all outside scenes today and the weather co-operated.)
and look who's back with us as an extra today, Edwin! Today even his dog Gus will get into the act.
Look up, look wayyyyyyyyy up, a gaggle of geese in 3 "v" formations.
O Canada, the signs of fall were everywhere.
a beautiful fall scene in the park......
a beautiful? fall picture of our circus stretching out all the way down Pipeline Rd. in Stanley Park.
meanwhile back in Thailand, my son hanging out with a new friend.
I have to keep my cast van looking good, one of my weekly trips to the car wash.
I tried a new route today heading downtown to pick up a cast member. I'm at the intersection of 12th Ave. and Oak St.
The last 3 days of our shooting week were Burnaby Heights in Burnaby. A rainy view of downtown Vancouver close to our set.
but it eventually cleared up
filming for the next 5 shooting days are at the Over Lynn Manor, which was built in 1912, and was one of the first mansions built in the area. Here is a history of the Manor.
Meanwhile back in Thailand, junior is keeping up with his protein intake.
When you are sitting and waiting for to take cast home, you see some pretty interesting things, like these two Northern Flickers that seemed to be in some mating ritual that went on for over 20 minutes until I had to leave.
Waiting downtown for a cast pick-up, time for a coffee across from the Vancouver Convention Centre.
Later that day, waiting for another cast member, this time close to Stanley Park at the far west end of Alberni Street.
At the end of our week, one of our cast drivers, Maryanna (on the right), seen posing with two of our very talented guest stars for episode 108, Rebecca Tilney, (one of those talented actresses that have been in many, many movies and t.v. shows.) and Charles Shaughnessy, another very talent actor who has starred in many productions including Days of Our Lives, and the Nanny. (The casting on this show has been brilliant.) Click here for Rebecca and here for Charles.

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