Sunday, November 8, 2015

the Magicians, episode 109, with a slide into episode 110

Dawn breaks at our circus, with the PNE amusement park as our back drop as we continue episode 109 of "the Magicians".
Part of my daily routine while waiting for cast is to watch the routines of those around me. (including this crow who decided that putting the peanuts in the water might help them go down a little better.)
Waiting for an actor to get a coffee on Victoria St. in Vancouver by Powell, facing the north shore.
You can still see a lot of the original brick road on Victoria St.
2 more days at the Over Lynn Manor in Burnaby Heights. I noticed this vine that was wrapping itself around the iron fence out front.
Meanwhile, at our crafty (snack) truck, they had put out some dubble bubble gum, which had been around since I was a kid, and the comics are just as bad as I remember.
I'm not allowed to reveal much about the show, but I can tell you the two people in my rear view mirror are two of the stars, Jason Ralph and Olivia Taylor Dudley.
I quickly got a glimpse inside the almost 100 year old mansion.

and the outside
I wish I had more time to check it all out.
Now this is interesting. I happened to walk by our special effects team as they were loading this old young person (not real of course!)  into their vehicle. Without spoiling anything, there is a scene in the show where they have to exhume the body, as they are looking for something that might have been buried with it.
Episode 110 started at a familiar old mansion down on Marine Drive. We have spent many days here over the course of shooting schedule.
I finally got a chance to take a quick peek inside here as well. The home has been vacant for 10 years and needs a lot of renovations. (although I heard it sold for 7.8 million.)
Wow on the lift assist tub from the old days.
random angry cat pic I took off of the internet
a very early actor pick-up down in Vancouver's Gastown.
The last couple of days this week, our circus (base camp) was across from another earlier location, the McCleery Golf Course.
As I waited (again), I spied a heron across the way.
There was a small creek down below
 No, it's not a traffic jam, it's the random I'm bored, let's take a pic of all the cars parked behind me in my rear-view mirror, shot.

Just up the road, we filmed in a home that was said to be valued at over 21 million. It was older, but very impressive indeed. The front..........

and the back, (the black tarps are to simulate night for one of the scenes).
a quick glimpse inside
There was cardboard around the dining room table and bubble wrap on the walls for protection. The walls are etched glass, done by an artist, the value, 2.5 million for the walls alone!
I would say it would do for me, but let's face it, I probably couldn't even afford the taxes!
back down in Gastown standing by as always. (looking towards the Dominion Building on Hastings St.
Our circus and set were close to the Southlands Riding Club
The "circus" (actor's trailers on the right, wardrobe, hair and make-up and the AD (assistant director) trailers on the left.
as the week wore on, the comics were not getting any funnier.
late Friday night, my rear view camera does not give justice to how hard it started raining, what an end to the week.
the show is based on a trilogy of books, I'm half way through the first, and wow, the t.v. show is still very close to what happens in the books. (The author consults and approves all episodes of the show.)

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