Sunday, November 15, 2015

the Magicians, episode 110 continued.

Episode 110 (actually episode 10) of "the Magicians". We had a break in our filming week on Wednesday for Remembrance Day, a chance to remember the veterans that have served and sacrificed for our country. (Including my dad, seen in this pic around 1941, looking all dapper, ready for a 25 year stint in the Canadian Navy)
a very early start to the week, downtown still asleep for the most part, as I wait to pick up an actor down by Gastown.
Second actor pick of the day, still early a.m. , this time down on Carrall St. close to Chinatown.
Now the rain is starting as I wait for my third cast pick-up of the day on Broadway in Kitsilano.
Every once in awhile I am called upon to move some of the big trucks, including this one that houses all of the wardrobe for the actors.
One of the "call sheets", which lists all the pertinent information for a filming day, including which scenes, locations, and which actors are in, including live foxes? (and yes it was a closed set so I did not get to check it out)
Later in the week we found ourselves out at the University of British Columbia, this time at the Botanical Gardens. Looking out west towards Burrard Inlet and the Straight of Georgia 
The fall colors make for a pretty pic.
Our work trucks were set up close to the botanical greenhouses.
Not allowed to show the set, but behind the wall it involved a fountain in the middle of the Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre, with cloaked figures chasing after one of our magician heroes.
more of the botanical gardens
a little oasis in the middle of a huge campus
on one of my errands to our production office I went inside one of the sets and saw something that looked familiar. This roof-top set, with the big city back drop, is actually ground level, and will be a continuation from a scene that was done way back in early September in
Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. (This was roof level, but the roof shown here was built for the show.)
Queen Elizabeth Park back when the rain was not a problem like it was this week.
5 minute pit stop at Locarno Beach, facing the north shore mountains on the way back to set at U.B.C.
one of our shooting locations at UBC this week was the old fire hall building, built in 1926, and currently used for art studios.
the first day at UBC was torrential rains, but it actually settled down for all the 2nd day. (all outdoor shooting) As the night progressed, the combination of a cold clear night bringing in a little fog, and our own fog machines and spotlights, made for quite the atmosphere, which is exactly what the scene called for.

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