Sunday, October 25, 2015

the Magicians, episode 108

Well, a little twist in the weather to start the week on episode 108 of "the Magicians".  The fog rolled in suddenly as I cruised along Chancellor Blvd, on my way to set at U.B.C. (which we have been using as the show's "Brakebills University".
The first scene of the day was outside in the U.B.C. rose garden. They actually managed to use the fog to create provide atmosphere to the scene.
Wow, quite a contrast from when we first started filming there in July.
Quite a few people, including myself, thought the fall colours on this street at U.B.C. were worth a pic
dusk falls over the rose garden.
the next day, I was back downtown picking up one of the actors. (sitting across the street from the colourful V.F.S. (Vancouver Film School)
A view down the Main Mall of U.B.C.
Our circus when we are at U.B.C. is just below Jericho Hill and the West Point Grey Academy private school.
What a coincidence. One of our other cast drivers, Ben , was just pulling out with one actor as I was pulling in to pick-up another downtown in Gastown.
Gastown, on Cordova
meanwhile, in a land far, far away, my son seems pretty chill in Chiang Mai in Thailand
Sounds like his buddy and him may never come back!
meanwhile back at the transport office, I have no explanation for this transport request
but two of my Teamster brethren , Eric and Ben, seem to be getting a kick out of it.
Our Teamster caterers are always feeding us really well. You really have to watch your intake on these shows. It doesn't help when they serve a big ass cake like this. (thank god I had to go on an errand and missed it completely. By the time I got back the other 90 some odd cast and crew had made it disappear.
back down in Gastown to pick up an actor. There was no parking on Abbott Street, so I had to resort to parking in this sketchy alley, and yes there was more than a few "characters" checking out the nice van sticking out like a sore thumb.
we finished another long  week at the studio. now it 3 a.m. Saturday morning, the actor's chairs and the studio lie empty.
A sure sign fall has arrived is the street outside of my place in North Burnaby. I don't dare park my car anywhere close until the trees are sans leaves.

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