Sunday, October 11, 2015

Magicians, Episode 107 continues

As episode 107 continues, we find ourselves at one of my favourite shooting locales, and probably the most filmed building in the Vancouver area, the  now closed Crease Clinic at the Riverview Hospital grounds in Coquitlam. A couple of paragraphs from a story the Vancouver Sun newspaper did when the hospital closed:
When Riverview Hospital first opened its doors in May 1913, it was called The Hospital for the Mind, a home to 340 patients — all male — who were suffering from some form of insanity.
At the time, the affliction was thought to be hereditary or caused by intemperance, syphilis and masturbation.
(Click on the Riverview Hospital link for the whole story)
The grounds have many diffrent trees from around the world planted here. You can find these plaques all over.
The weeping European Beech
Building are run down and delapidated.
One of the oldest buildings on the grounds dating back to the 1920's.
The grounds are surrounded by urban sprawl, 2 minutes off the Lougheed Highway to a little peace and quiet.
It was a grate fall day for sure.
The West Lawn building, built in 1913
Our catering trucks parked att the back of the Crease Clinic.
random Dubble Bubble gum comic pic. That Pud..........
At the back of the clinic, there was an outdoor scene that was supposed to be the arctic. It did look like a winter wonderland, unfortunately I'm not allowed to reveal much of the sets or show the actors. The black curtains on the right were to provide a night time look for one of the scenes inside the building.
one more grounds fall pic.
Add caption
out front, more black-out curtains.
back downtown to pick up an actor. I would make the trip between Riverview in Coquitlam to downtown Vancouver 5 times today. (54 km each rounder)
Later in the week , we were back at a house we use on Marine Drive, for a couple of night shots.
and then back to the studio to end the week. (there was what was left of the winter wonderland set that was at Riverview earlier in the week. Now a much needed 4 day break. (Actually it was more because the actors had an appearance at       Comic Con in New York, promoting the show)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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