Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Magicians, episdode 105

Episode 105,  the script needed a couple of "dive bars", and two down on Main Street in the the east end of Vancouver fit the bill. The first was the Cobalt, at the east end of the Georgia Viaduct. I remember this place when I used to drive for Greyhound, and our garage was right behind this infamous building. Here is a story about the Cobalt from 2008
So today was a lot of back and forth on the viaducts from my hotel pick-ups and the sets and circus of "the Magicians".
The second "dive bar", was the Ivanhoe, also on Main Street, kitty corner from the bus and train station.
The front view. ( I wonder how many regulars we displaced for the 3 hours we were shooting in there?)
waiting for a green light on Quebec St., on my way to the circus (our base camp) by Rogers Arena, I can see the "Trans-am Totem", a sculpture that quite frankly, I am not a fan of.
Called out of my cast vehicle once again to drive the big green beast, the 10 ton grip truck, to the next set. ,
back at the studio, this sign will adorn one of the university sets. (if you can't read it, it says: The greatest motivation to a magician is to tell him what is impossible- Van Pelt (you will have to wait till the show comes out next Januay to figure that one out)
The next day we were shooting at another mansion in the Point Gray area of Vancouver. Our circus was parked on the Musqueam First Nation Reserve, which I did not know even existed. It is close to UBC, and Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It is on the south side of Marine Drive.
Along side the mighty Fraser River
and across the water from Vancouver International airport.
Across the street from set someone was moving this very cool old panel van.
on set on Marine Crescent, another old tudor style mansion, used for a diffrent scene, but very similar to another mansion we have used already, and will use again tomorrow...........
on Marine Drive, same era, or same builder?
heading back downtown, leaving the west end of Vancouver
Later in the week, we were shooting at a cottage close to one of the hidden gems of Greater Vancouver, Deer Lake in Burnaby.
I have been here many times myself, both in film and for some walking and cycling.
our circus was parked across Highway 1 by Burnaby Lake, a larger lake alongside of the freeway, that I am sure a lot of people do not even know is there.
We finished the week back at our studio. At the start of the week, I could see our crew building something very interesting.
Shall we go inside....?
This is a lot of chains raining down in a dungeon. The scene is one of the Magicians transporting himself to a mythical land to see some people trapped inside the dungeon. (They beg for his help and he is confronted by "the beast".
The set as scene from inside the studio
Once again the attention to detail was amazing. This might be one show I may actually watch.
and the lights dim on another week in the world of the Magicians, it's 2 a.m. Saturday morning, time to take the director home and call it a week.

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