Sunday, September 13, 2015

Magicians, flying along, episode 104 and into episode 105

Cute as it is, you will not catch me in one of these. (unless you have to move it for an actor, which I did. Was like driving a go-kart.) (This is a right-hand drive vehicle, what I think is a Subaru Domingo)
The week started with the end of episode 104 and the start of episode 105 of "the Magicians". Part of my gig, standing by to pick up an actor at his residence in Gastown in Vancouver.
parked beside this ornate gate (wow, I'm a poet and I don't even know it!) leading into an alley way of shops and businesses.

Waiting for another actor at their hotel, the clouds were reflecting off of the office buildings
inside the studio at one of the sets, the camera gear sits idle as the crew has broken for lunch
outside the studio, the obstacle course of cable needed to power the trucks, trailer and equipment needed for a shooting day.

also part of my day to day duties, heading out to Vancouver International Airport to pick-up an actor flying in from Los Angeles.
another day, another actor pick-up in Gastown, this time on Cordova St.
In the side mirror, looking back towards the downtown core
and across the street, to me, looks like a scene staged for a film set.
random in front of me at a stop light, wondering what in the heck it would be used for shot.
waiting at the hotel for an actor, what a gorgeous September day in Vancouver.
and "Suki" is coming along for the ride. (a lot of the actors have companion dogs that travel with them)
random they still put bad pun comics in the Double Bubble gum shot.
Friday night, finished for the week at the studio, the only activity inside is the crew packing up their gear. (We are on the road next week)
when I got home, at my front door, I had to turn around this unwanted guest, and send it in the other direction.
r & r on the week-end including going to B.C. Place to see our B.C. Lions football team. (the night before, someone came up to my son in a restaurant and gave him the tickets.)
Not a good night for the home team, losing to the Ottawa Redblacks. (and a poor turn-out of just over 17,000 fans)
 I parked the car, which seemed like a good spot with lots of other cars around, close to Main Street. When we came back, mysteriously, the cars were gone, and all these homeless people were hanging around. We actually had to get a guy to remove his legs from underneath the vehicle. I guess we're lucky it wasn't up on blocks!

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