Sunday, September 27, 2015

the Magicians, end episode 105, begin 106

Another week on "the Magicians". Hanging out on Main Street Vancouver in Chinatown, seems we are filming a lot down here on this show.
But first, I was dragged kicking and screaming out of my cushy 7 passenger Chrysler Town and Country, and thrown into this flatdeck, hauling one of the two-room star trailers out to U.B.C. (I try not to let on that I can actually drive the trucks, but every now and then I'm busted.)  
So then to punish me more, I had to drive the props truck and then the camera truck. It's ok, change is good
Our circus was bordering the Pacific Spirit Regional Park
The day started with me back in my 7 passenger van, picking up some of the actors in Gastown, where they are temporarily living until the filming ends mid December.

Nice view I had this morning while waiting.
The set at UBC was at an elementary school gymnasium. Here the crew is getting ready for another long day. (the scene involved the actors participating in a magic game challenge against other schools, and there was 170 extras brought in for  the day.
outside, a giant crane hoisted a large black screen........
that represents a huge black hole that had the potential to consume all of the particpants in the competition. (The visual fx on this show will be epic. )
pyramid power, I was parked outside of this church chapel beside the school.
Later in the week in was across the Lion's Gate Bridge to North Vancouver.
I've been to a lot of locations, but Princess Park in North Vancouver was not one of them until now. Another hidden gem in the lower Mainland.
the local regulars to the park must have noticed a little increased activity today.
strange to me, an aluminum statue of  tree in a park full of beautiful cedars. Art?
read it and weep (click on pic to enlarge)
the light was waning, we had to stop filming early today.
from the forest to the concrete jungle, back downtown again
always fascinated by the cloud formations
This water truck is blocking my view of the set. Wait a minute, it's actually a "picture vehicle", used for an outside shot. (notice the Brooklyn's finest on the side of the truck).
this pic constitutes a  boredom escape
and then the rain, making for a soggy day for crew
the last day of the week found us at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. I have driven though and by here many times, did not know there was a duck pond.
above the duck pond was one of four sets that they used tonight. (we filmed from 230 p.m. til 530 a.m., yuck, that's why it's called a "fraturday".) The next two sets were by the Bloedel Conservatory.
and then there was the roof-top nude scene.... (this roof top was actually made for the scene, and it was a closed set)
the "dancing waters" fountains actually came into play for one on the scenes.
Next week, awww, who knows.

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