Monday, September 7, 2015

Magicians: episode 104

Far, far away from make believe land, after a long week on the start of episode 104 of "the Magicians", lies a little piece of solitude outside of the Okanagan Valley. (t.b.c. later in the blog.)
Back out at the University of British Columbia (U.B.C.), the hot summer weather has ended, and the much needed rain was still a shock to the system.
The good news was the filming was indoors today, at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.
I was very busy this week, round and round we go, (again), (as always). I spied this Rolls Royce at the hotel in downtown Vancouver while I was waiting to pick up one of the actors.
and then filming back at this early 1900's tudor mansion on Marine Drive in Vancouver. This place is over 8,000 sq. ft., and had been vacant for 10 years, after the last resident passed away. On 2 acres, it recently just sold. (It was listed for 8.5 million, with an estimatated 2 million in upgrades needed.)
Our circus, or base camp, was located a block form this intersection I crossed many times this week at 41st Ave and Dunbar St.
After the rain, a much needed car wash was in order.
The ever changing landscape, tonight, one of the actor's needed a ride out ot a buddie's place in Tsawwassen, on the southwest corner of the lower mainland, close to the U.S. border.
Lately, another duty is to take any gear, (including the ring shown) for the camera department to Sim Digital, a place everything camera, including processing the film shot during the day.(In the yellow case)
Never quite sure whether I'm coming or going, heading west, looking back east as I get farther from Vancouver.....
and back out to U.B.C., to pick up an actor from our 2nd unit, which was filming there today, and take her to our main unit in downtown Vancouver.
Allow me to elucidate. The 2nd Unit is (to offer a brief definition) the secondary film crew (and it is indeed an entire crew in itself) that is mostly devoted to filming anything that doesn’t directly involve the film’s main stars.
So yes, anything you watch that doesn’t have a speaking actor on screen is likely going to be done by the 2nd Unit. An establishing shot of a building’s exterior will be shot by the secondary crew while the primary crew is back at the studio shooting the interiors. This is a hugely efficient way to work, as it allows the film to be shot in half the time. The primary director is often too busy working with actors and consulting designers and photographers to shoot, say, a short shot of what the hero is looking at across a pond. That brief shot would be left to the second unit. I hate to snuff out some of the wonder, or throw a wrench into the grinding minds of any of the more devout young film students who subscribe a little too religiously to the auteur theory, but in many cases, a large chunk of the film (anywhere from 25% to 75%) can be shot entirely by the 2nd Unit

and hockey season is getting even close as we find ourselves parked back across from Rogers Arena
After a day downtown, we were back at the studio, where the sets continue to amaze me.
This room with a view, is actually in the studio, and out the window, that is not  outside.
The attention to detail at this university dorm room is so impressive.
And once in awhile, I am called upon to utilize my truck driving abilities. Today, it was bringing this green beast from downtown to the studio.
back inside the studio, on of the Brakebills University classrooms.
complete with this medical dispensary.
A week of round and round, the world is seemingly topsy-turvy as I head out for the long week-end to the Okanagan. (this crooked shot was on the Coquihalla, hard to take a shot at 120K.
A little road trip within a road trip. My sis, daughter and I drove up to Apex ski resort in Penticton, wow, ain't so pretty without the white background.
Farther along is the old Barrick Gold, Nickel Plate gold mine, which halted operations years ago.
but just a little southwest and downhill from there, you get this humbling view of the Similkameen Valley.
On the way back, random water tower shot, part of the mine operations at some point.
A day in my home town of Penticton, my favourite view up Okanagan Lake.
My son Taylor goofing around at the Japanese gardens at Okanagan Lake.
Trying to loose a finger.
Looking north up the mouth of Ellis Creek
ended with a "pit stop" creek shot on the Coquihalla heading back to the chaos of the lower mainland, and "make believe land"!

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