Sunday, August 16, 2015

the Magicians, week two, episodes 101, 102, & 103

Week two on the filming of the new "the Magicians t.v. series". As I waited for one of the exec's downtown, I saw this cruise ship. Hey, wait for me!
The convention centre downtown Vancouver, what a beautiful morning.
Meanwhile, back in the real world...........
This was a Disney cruise ship, the air horn even blasted "when you wish upon a star, jeez!"
It was nice to have a little walk around by Coal Harbour before show time.
Our filming this week was at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I had a bit of time to explore, it was amazing how many gardens, trails, sculptures and shrines are around the campus.
When they are filming, we are not allowed to take pics of the actors. This was a real cool stunt where the stunt man was yanked across the yard by a cable. This is the closest I could get, the stunt man is just over the blue rail.
After dropping of the exec. downtown, I was treated to a stunning sunset on my way back to UBC.
Downtown waiting for an actor at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, looking at this fancy glass tree street lights.
Standing by at UBC, this sign certainly caught my attention. (I looked it up, now I know)
round and round we go, I went between UBC and downtown at least 20 times this week.
Our sets were actually the UBC grounds themselves.
Looking North from the UBC rose gardens during the day..........
and at night, as we transitioned into night shooting.
meanwhile back at the studio, preparations continue for filming the inside stuff in approx. one week.
Back on the UBC grounds night shoots, the lights are everywhere
This crazy building is apparently a storage facility for the books at the UBC library. There are rows and rows and rows, it was massive.

by the third day of night filming, I was starting to see things in the dark. (is that the Chan Centre, or am I hallucinating?)
They call it "Fraturday", when Friday stretches well into Saturday. The street lights were getting as blurry as my eyes, at the 4 a.m. hour rolled around, all good made it home in time for breakfast!

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